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Relationship Between the School District and the Community

Adoption Date: 2/13/1975, Revised: 3/18/2010; 05/12/1983, 04/15/1993, 05/18/2000 Reviewed 01/27/2014 
1000 - Community Relations


Relations Between the School District and the Community
1600 Relationship Between the School District and the Community


The Board of Education recognizes the importance of cooperation among the schools and the community, including community organizations, citizens’ groups, parents and other individuals. The Board strives to conduct the affairs of the District by way of a continuing, open dialogue between the community and the schools. The Board will work with and help those interested in studying school matters or seeking public information.

The Board of Education is also aware of its responsibility to keep the public informed on matters of importance regarding District policies, finances, programs, personnel and operations. Pertinent, non-confidential information shall be provided to such groups or individuals upon request.

The Superintendent shall be the central intermediary between the school and the community and any information shall be released through him/her. The Board directs the Superintendent or his/her designee to provide appropriate information to groups and individuals in the community, as he/she deems necessary and advisable to enable them to develop and maintain confidence in the District. The Board further directs that the Superintendent or his/her designee ensure that significant issues affecting the health, safety and welfare of the students and/or staff in the schools, such as bomb threats, gun possession, presence of hazardous materials, are communicated to affected parties and groups in a timely, accurate and effective manner. Such communication shall not reveal the identity of any student, disciplinary outcomes and shall not interfere with the efforts of law enforcement agencies. It is not the intent of this policy, however, to require the Superintendent to give public notification of every incident or event which occurs in the schools. The Superintendent, upon consultation with the Director of Communication and the building principal, shall, in his/her discretion, determine the manner of communication of such information, the substance of the information which shall be released to the community and when it shall be released.

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