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June 22, 2022
This is a reminder to all seniors that Graduation rehearsal will take place on Wednesday at 9:00 am in the gym.  Rehearsal is MANDATORY for all graduating seniors. At rehearsal, you will receive graduation tickets, prom bids and other important information.  Also, this is a reminder that prom will take place from 6:00 - 11:00 pm on Thursday. Students will not be admitted after 7:00 pm. 
June 21, 2022
Summer Tips for Parents to Promote Good Mental Health
1. Balance relaxation, fun, and structure: Summer is a great time for high school and middle school
students to relax and recharge, but it’s also important for them to have structured time, be physically active, and
involved in activities or work. If your child is not enrolled in camp or working, seek out volunteer or intern
opportunities in your community. Volunteer and paid activities expose your child to new experiences, contribute
to their self-esteem, and keep them busy!
• Your Village, Town, City, or County Recreation Department or Youth Bureau may be able to provide
suggestions ranging from a few days to the entire summer.
• Local camps, pools, and day care centers can be places for Middle and High School students to find babysitting
• Local Ys, Boys and Girls Clubs, faith based organizations, libraries, and community centers may have summer
activities that interest your child.
For more information see attached Summer Tips For Good Mental Health
June 10, 2022

The following devices (including but not limited to what is listed below) are not permitted into a testing room:

  • Cell phones
  • iPods and MP3 players
  • iPads, tablets, and other eReaders
  • Personal laptops, notebooks, or any other computing devices
  • Cameras or other photographic equipment
  • Wearable devices/smart wearables, including smart watches and health wearables with a display
  • Headphones, headsets, or in-ear headphones such as earbuds, and
  • Any other device capable of recording audio, photographic or video content, or capable of viewing or playing back such content
June 03, 2022
June 01, 2022
End Of Year Events
May 31, 2022
The recent communication around New York State’s announcement regarding Regents exams seems to have created some confusion.  While the State announced that an appeals process for Regents exam grades between 50-64 has been put in place, and the district announced that the Regents exams will no longer count for 20% of a student’s final class average unless it helps the student, Regents exams in Regents courses must be taken and passed in order for students to earn credit towards a Regents diploma. Regents exams are not optional nor can students refuse to take them. If any student is absent from a Regents exam, that exam will need to be re-taken at a later time.  If anyone needs further clarification, please reach out to your student’s school counselor or an administrator. Thank you.

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