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Art & Science-The Unity of Diversity

7th Grade students worked under the direction of art teacher Heather Graessle and guest artist Cliff Mendelson on this large scale ceramic tile mural.

This interdisciplinary mural depicts the biodiversity of the planet and how interconnected animal and plant life are to its existence. One of the seventh grade science teachers, Tanya Broccolo, supplied Ms. Graessle with the 7th grade science curriculum units. Biodiversity is the degree of variation of life. It is a measure of the variety of organisms present in different ecosystems. This can refer to genetic variation, ecosystem variation, or species variation (number of species) within an area, biome, or planet.

Our role as artists is to explore the world around us and bring it to life in a visual way, not only for our own enjoyment but for others to experience as well.  We explored Earth's biodiversity by creating three-dimensional relief tiles.

How can you help protect the diverse life around us? Here are some basic ways to start living a sustainable life:

1.   Recycle

2.   REUSE

3.   Compost

4.   Walk, Bike or Bus

5.   Conserve Energy & Water

6.   Buy or Borrow Local and Reused Products


8.   Bring your own bags

9.   Drink from the tap 

10.  Get growing!

The funding for our guest artist was provided by the Arts in Education program. All costs for materials were supplied by Ms. Graessle’s work with Thank you to all of the parents who bought personalized keepsakes from their children’s online portfolios! We would also like to extend a very special thank you to Ray Cilento and Steve Papineau for displaying this heavy work of art in the hallway.

Student Artists  

Apostolou, Julia
Arcure, Michael
Avery, Julianne
Calise, Matthew
Campoverde, Joselyn
Cristofaro, Miranda Nancy
Davino, Maria Ann
De La Rosa, Damian
Degrazia, Jenna
Dimaranan, Jule
Elzoghby, Mariam
Gardner, Matthew
Gewida, Hamzah
Gomez, Grace
Guadagno, Nicole
Hernandez, Jimmy
Hodge, Taryn
Jamal, Lana
Jones, Callie
Knopf, Gianna
Lebrando, Matthew
Lichtenwalner-Seabaugh, Milagros
Lienau, Erik
Marchese, Joseph
Mauro, Michael
Mooney, Peter
O'Brien, Elizabeth
O'Connor, Carly
O'dell, Samantha
Oswald, John
Paciariello, Ava
Pakkhesal, Pouya
Riordan, Conor
Robben, Isabella
Sanchez, Isabella
Sciabbarrasi, Lina
Senerchia, Sara
Smith, Arianna
Tartaglia, Michael
Twyman, Jewel
Valentine, Dana
Varga, Robert
Vargas, Jacqueline
Wiesen, Emily
Yang, Xiao

Teacher Artists

Heather Graessle
Eileen Rosenkampff
Liz Resta
Stacy Bernstein
Christina Connors