Athletic Placement Process (APP)

Attention: Middle School students looking to tryout for a high school sport for next fall (Fall 2018). Please mark your calendars and note these important dates regarding the Athletic Placement Process (APP).

Middle School PE teachers will be making APP presentation to ALL PE classes on Friday, 4/27/18 and Monday 4/30/18. Students will be provided information on how to sign-up.

Parent/Guardian must contact Ms. Sarsen to obtain APP application.

APP Application must be submitted by Thursday, 5/10/18 at 3:00PM

All students that submitted application on-time will be made an appointment to see Dr. Corsaro for maturity examination. Maturity examinations performed by Dr. Corsaro will be Tuesday, 5/15/18 during the school day.

All students that pass the maturity examination will need to pass the physical fitness examination. APP physical fitness examination will take place on Monday, 5/21/18 at 8:00AM before school in Gym A LCBMS.

Please note a few items. Signing up for the APP is NOT the same as signing up for a sports card. APP MUST BE COMPLETED AND PASSED BY STUDENT IN ORDER TO COMPLETE A HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS CARD FOR TRYOUTS. Make-up APP physical fitness exams will ONLY be provided to individuals that met the 5/10/18 sign-up deadline.

Any questions please contact Ms. Sarsen or the Athletic Office at Lakeland High School.