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Principal's News

May 2018

Dear Parents, Guardians & Students,

As we move into May, we continue to strive for excellence! We would like to thank all of our visitors and volunteers who continue to make this year a successful and enjoyable one but we would also like to remind you that our security/office staff will only allow those people with appointments to proceed through the building during the school day. Special snacks, lunches and other items may be dropped off with our security aide, Mr. Fiorillo, who will be glad to distribute them for you. Maintaining instruction and safety are our primary goals.

The New York State Math Assessment will begin on May 2-3, 2018 for grades 3-5. We hope that you will encourage your children to do the best they can each day and on our assessments.

Once again, we will be holding the Learning Banquet to celebrate all the wonderful learners at Van Cort. This celebration will take place on May 18, 2018 for our students. There will be so many other enjoyable events in between to share as well.

As the weather gets warmer, our goal is to be outside in the fresh air as often as possible. Please be sure our young ladies are monitoring the length of their shorts and skirts. Spaghetti strap shirts are not permitted. All students should be wearing appropriate shoes to use our playground equipment safely. Please refrain from flip flops and open back shoes as well.  As the year begins to wind down, we look forward to preparing our students for their next journey.

Finally, please note that some Van Cortlandtville students have been playing a game called “Roasting”.  Some of our students learned this game from TV and Social Media.  It is unacceptable for any student at Van Cort to think it is alright to battle someone in a name calling game to see who “Roasts” the other first.  We thrive in being a safe place to learn and grow socially and we will not tolerate anything other than respect and kindness.  Please help us by speaking with your children to assure we all are kind to one another.


Jacqueline M. Woodruff


We are very excited to continue with the “Van Cort Celebrates Community” initiative.  This enables anyone to give a shout-out for a special Van Cort adult community member who has gone above and beyond.  All requests must please come from adults.  This is similar to how we celebrate our students at our Character Education assemblies and in our quarterly newsletters.  The shout-outs will be posted on our Facebook page on a monthly basis

Every month, your shout-out should be emailed In the subject line please write “VC Community Shout-out”.  You will need to enter the name of the person receiving the shout-out and why they deserve this honor.  All shout-outs will be reviewed for approval by Principal Woodruff.  The deadline for all shout-out emails will be posted in the newsletter each month.  Sorry, but any emails received after the deadline will not get the chance to be posted until the following month.

The success of “Van Cort Celebrates Community” on your Facebook page depends on you.  The deadline for May shout-outs will be Wednesday, May 23, 2018.


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