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School Info.

Van Cortlandtville Elementary School
3100 E. Main Street
Mohegan Lake, New York 10547
Phone: 914-528-1354
Fax: 914-528-1376
Attendance Office:  914-528-1354 ext. 39605

School Hours:                                   
Arrival time: 8:05 a.m. 
Dismissal time: 2:40 p.m.

Principal Jacqueline M. Woodruff 914-528-1354 ext. 39602
Assistant Principal Frank Yanoti 914-528-1354 ext. 39604
Special Education Supervisor Thomas Murphy 914-528-1354 ext. 39629

RN School Nurse Robyn Butlien 914-528-1354 ext. 39605
Health Aide Lori Guida 914-528-1354 ext. 39628
Security Aide Nicholas Lapadula 914-528-1354 ext.39620
School Resource Officer Eddie Campoverde 914-528-1354
School Counselor Kaitlyn Marshall 914-528-1354 ext.39629
Psychologist Kristin Di Genova 914-528-1354 ext. 39608  Mrs. Di Genova's Website
Psychologist Gabrielle Caccavale 914-528-1354 ext. 39619  Mrs. Caccavale's Website

Social Worker Katharine Rodefeld 914-528-1354 ext. 39609 Mrs. Rodefeld's Website 

Speech and Language Miriam Tully 914-528-1354 ext. 39625  Mrs. Tully's Website 
Speech and Language Hara Vanca 914-528-1354 ext. 39618

Speech and Language Alison Angelini 914-528-1354 ext. 39630 Ms. Angelini's Website
Speech and Language Pam Angione  914-528-1354 ext. 39631
Speech and Language  Mary Buckley 914-528-1354 ext. 39616
Speech and Language Sharyn Fedele  914-528-1354 ext. 39625  - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
Occupational Therapist Jennifer Brophy  914-528-1354 ext. 39633 OT Website
Occupational Therapist Lia Pitura  914-528-1354 ext. 39633 OT Website
Occupational Therapist Beth Roth  914-528-1354 ext. 39635 OT Website

Physical Therapist Casey Burke  914-528-1354 ext. 39634 - PT Website
Physical Therapist Michele Fox  914-528-1354 ext. 39635 PT Website

Library Media Specialist Kathleen Furman 914-528-1354 ext. 39606  Library Website
ENL Teacher Marilyn Ojeda 914-528-1354 ext. 39624  ENL Website
ENL Teacher Sarah Garcia   914-528-1354 ext. 39624  ENL Website
Reading Specialist Jennifer Cronin 
Reading Specialist Kristin Doyle 
Reading Specialist Amanda Gawron
AIS Math Sarah Gerbino 
AIS Math Kate Liguori 

Elementary Instructional Coach Alisha Wolf
STEAM Elementary Co-Coordinator Elaine Alden

Resource Room Teacher Cynthia Emanuele  
Resource Room Teacher Jaime Finochio   
Cafeteria 914-528-2738 ext. 39611
District Transportation 914-528-4445
District Administration Office  914-245-1700