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School Info.

Van Cortlandtville Elementary School
3100 E. Main Street
Mohegan Lake, New York 10547
Phone: 914-528-1354
Fax: 914-528-1376
Attendance Office:  914-528-1354 ext. 39605

School Hours:                                   
Arrival time: 8:20 a.m. 
Dismissal time: 2:40 p.m.

Principal Jacqueline M. Woodruff 914-528-1354 ext. 39602
Assistant Principal Frank Yanoti 914-528-1354 ext. 39604
RN School Nurse Robyn Butlien 914-528-1354 ext. 39605
Psychologist Kristin Di Genova 914-528-1354 ext. 39608 Mrs. Di Genova's Website
Psychologist Gabrielle Caccavale 914-528-1354 ext. 39619 Mrs. Caccavale's Website

Social Worker Katharine Rodefeld 914-528-1354 ext. 39609 Mrs. Rodefeld's Website 
Speech and Language Miriam Tully 914-528-1354 ext. Mrs. Tully's Website 
Speech and Language Hara Vanca 914-528-1354 ext.
Speech and Language Holly Weinrib 914-528-1354 ext.
Occupational Therapist Jennifer Brophy 914-528-1354 ext.
Occupational Therapist Lia Pitura 914-528-1354 ext.
Physical Therapist Margaret Rogers 914-528-1354 ext.
Library Media Specialist Kathleen Furman 914-528-1354 ext. 39606
ENL Teacher Marilyn Ojeda 914-528-1354 ext. ENL Website
ENL Teacher Sarah Garcia 914-528-1354 ext. ENL Website
Reading Specialist Laurel Freeman 914-528-1354 ext.
Reading Specialist Kristina Vucetic Ms. Vucetic's Website
Literacy Instructional Coach Kristin Doyle 914-528-1354 ext.

Math Instructional Coach Jacqueline Catania 914-528-1354 ext.
Instructional Coach Alisha Wolf 914-528-1354 ext.
Resource Room Teacher Cynthia Emanuele 914-528-1354 ext. Mrs. Emanuele's Website
Resource Room Teacher Jaime Finochio 914-528-1354 ext. Mrs. Finochio's Website
Cafeteria 914-528-2738 ext. 39611
District Transportation 914-528-4445
District Administration Office  914-245-1700