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Health Office

School Nurse:  Robin Butlien, RN,
914-528-1354 ext. 39605
Fax 914 528-4126

Health Policies and Procedures

Let’s start off the year right. Proper nutrition is key to good health and learning. Breakfast is very important to start your child’s day! It’s important your child eats a nutritious breakfast daily. Please send your child with a healthy snack and lunch. Encourage good eating habits at home and school.

As a reminder please alert the health office during the school year to discuss with the school nurse these medical issues:

  • A student has or has recently recovered from a serious illness
  • A student has been hospitalized
  • A student has had surgery
  • A student has sustained an injury requiring medical treatment

Documentation from your health care provider will be needed to return to school with or without restrictions for Physical Education and recess.  Also if crutches are needed a Healthcare provider note needs to be provided.

Physicals are required for all new entrants and students in grades Kindergarten, 2nd and 4th Grade.  Documentation of a physical or date of up coming physical must be in the Health Office by 10/1/17. Students who do not return evidence of a physical examination or the date of an appointment will have a health appraisal scheduled and documented with our medical director. Please send completed physical forms to the Health Office & keep a copy for your records. 

Dental Certificates are requested, but not required for students in K, 2 and 4th grade

Medication of any kind cannot legally be dispensed to any child in school without a Physician’s written order and parental consent. An adult must bring the medication to school. It must be in the original prescription container (ask the pharmacist for two (2) containers –one to remain at home and one for school).

Physical, Dental and Medication forms can be down loaded from the District’s website: click on Departments look for Heath Office. 

Thank you for returning Orange Health Emergency forms forms to the Health Office. If you have not, please update any changes ASAP.  It is important the health office has up to date information. 

If your child shows any symptoms of illness:  temperature over 100?, flu-like symptoms, vomiting or GI issues, sore throat that interferes with swallowing, ear pain, colored eye drainage, suspicious or draining rash. Please keep him/her home. A child who is sick will not be able to perform well in school. Notify your health care provider if there is no improvement.

Stay healthy!

Robyn Butlien, R.N.

Winter Health and Safety Tips

Due to the recent extreme cold weather, Lakeland's school health professionals would like to share some winter health and safety tips with our Lakeland families. Children need extra attention to stay warm, safe and healthy when temperatures drop. Please review the tips provided. 

Guidelines for Cold Weather Safety