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2019 LEF POCKETBOOK BINGO              2019 LEF Family Photo Fundraiser 

The Lakeland Education Foundation has announced a total of $37,944 in grants for its 2019 grant cycle. Created in 1994, the Foundation has now awarded more than $1,000,000 in grants to help enhance the educational experience of students in the district. 

“On behalf of the Board of Education, we would like to thank the Lakeland Education Foundation Board for all their hard work in making these grants possible,” said Board President Denise Kness. “The grants help support many exciting projects that go toward the benefit of all Lakeland students and community.”

Lakeland Education Foundation MembersMember of the all volunteer LEF Board include:
Diane Kness, PresidentEdward Muendell, Vice President Carole Henkin, Secretary Pam DellaDonna, Treasurer
Chris Daly, Corresponding Secretary
Trustees: Carolyn Ciraco, Lisa Fitzgerald, Ileane Frogel, Lisa Hufnagel, Norma Johnson, Patti Ann McKim Karen Muendell, Jen Mrozik, Catherine Paget, Amy Roth, Karen Vittoria
Advisory Committee: Susan Davies, Donna Phillips, Wanda Favia


Lakeland Education Foundation