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Clubs & Organizations

Art Club

The Art Club is an after school art program for the first twenty fourth and fifth grade students who sign up.  Students will learn and develop various skills and strategies that occur throughout the art world.  They will participate in various activities such as school beautification, murals, and helping the PTA with any needs they may have.  Students will receive a wide variety of art instruction from painting to drawing and even sculpting.  This club will help provide artistic and non-artistic students with the tools they need to feel successful in all aspects of art.  Art Club will also help those students who need work on their fine motor skills.  The club will be a confidence booster for all involved.

Grades 4 and 5 Leadership Team

Some examples of the projects this group might decide they would like to pursue are the following:  These teams meet about once a month during their lunch or recess to discuss, plan and then organize special projects.

  • School-wide drives for the needy
  • Research the history of the Lakeland Central School District and share this information to the Board of Education at one of their meetings
  • Create Learning Styles tactile materials
  • Volunteer to help run Grade K-2 After School Activities
  • Participate as a Peer-to-Peer Reading and Math buddy
  • Read aloud in the Van Cort Author Chair for Grades K-2
  • Create books on tape

These are only a small sample of ideas for this group.  The goal of the leadership team is to enrich the students socially and academically in a leadership capacity.

All County Chorus

Each year a select group of Van Cort students are selected to participate in the Westchester County Chorus competition, which takes place in the Spring.

Intramural Sports Club with Patrick Connolly

This fifth grade club will meet  on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays before school (7:30-8:15 am) from October 20th through November 21st.  The fifth grade students who enroll will develop their skills and knowledge in various sports, such as but not limited to soccer, volleyball, hockey and basketball.  They will get an opportunity to socially interact with other students in their grade while actively participating in an organized sport.

Coding Club

An Advisor works with different groups of students for 8 weeks using apps and online programs appropriate for their grade level.  These sessions go over  what’s “under the hood” of webpages and video games and everything else controlled by computers. There are some free and fun tools designed for kids, so that they can learn to build their own animations, games and more!

Destination Imagination (DI)

The VCES PTA is proud to announce the addition of the Destination Imagination (DI) as part of a After School Activity Enrichment program. The DI teams that are part of the After School Activity Enrichment program will meet on Tuesday (2:45pm - 3:45pm). The program will be open to 3rd -5th Graders only. Children will be placed into teams of a maximum of 7 kids and will be presented a challenge that they must complete. The challenges will require them to think, plan, build and become dependent on each teammates inner qualities. The program material fee is only $50 per child. This fee will cover material costs for the team and a t-shirt for each child on the team.  First 21 PAID participants will be guaranteed a spot on a team. The remaining 7 will be placed on a waiting list, until we get more Team Managers to oversee the additional teams. Please see related file below for more information.