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Third Grade

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Nicole Emanuele
Catherine Lambert
Kelly McCalister
Elizabeth Regan

Kristen Revis

Third Grade's Supply List 2022-2023

Third Grade Monthly Newsletter
March 2023

English Language Arts: 
Reading: We are winding down our unit on how US citizens participate in government and work to change their communities, and will soon transition into our new unit, which takes a deeper look at poetry and its figurative language.  Other skills that students will work on within this unit include analyzing the narrator’s point of view, and how to paraphrase and retell key concepts.

Writing: “Expressing Our Opinions”
In this unit, students will study mentor texts and analyze and incorporate the writing moves used by these authors in their own writing. They will study the components of an effective and persuasive piece of writing and strive to create their own convincing writing piece using the skills and strategies they have learned in this unit.

Math:   This month we will be completing our Fractions unit by comparing and ordering fractions using models and number lines. We will then move into our Area unit where students will be calculating the area of rectilinear figures. We will continue to focus on word problems throughout all units. Please continue to practice multiplication facts at home.

Science: We have just begun our new Science unit, which covers how animals survive in their environment. Students will have the opportunity to develop their observational and analytical skills while looking closely at fossils, animal and plant adaptations, and the way animals adapt to their environments over time. 

Social Studies: Brazil’s economy and culture are the center of our next Social Studies unit. Students will broaden their knowledge of this beautiful country and how it is similar-to and different from that of the United States, taking special note of topics like geography, imports and exports, holidays, and government. 

NYS ELA Test:   4/19 - 4/21
NYS Math Test:    5/2 - 5/4

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