Van Cortlandtville Elementary School

Second Grade

Jessica Angelillo 
Jacqueline Catania
Lisa Colagiovanni
Baron Hersh

Kimberly Lachowicz
Christina Lopez

Second Grade's Supply List 2022-2023

Second Grade Monthly Newsletter
March 2023

In ELA, we will begin our in-depth study of poetry. We will read and mentor poems using the eye of a writer, noticing both the poet’s use of voice and point of view. While reading, we will also examine the poet’s figurative language, structure, and use of sound. The students will then try their hand at poetry. Lastly, we will think, sketch, write, and revise our poetry in order to produce a final product.

In Fundations we will begin to learn a new syllable type, the double vowel syllable or “D” Syllable. This syllable type will contain both vowel digraphs (ee) and diphthongs (oi). The next few units will be broken up into a study on each vowel team. We are currently focusing on (ai,ay) and will move on to (ee,ey).

In math, we will begin to learn about adding and subtracting three-digit numbers. We will start by adding and subtracting numbers without regrouping, and quickly move on to regrouping within three-digit numbers. This concept can become particularly difficult especially when subtracting across zeros, so please have your child practice at home.

Social Studies/Science:
In Science and Social Studies we will continue to learn about our Earth. We will continue to focus on bodies of water and how these features can be either solids or liquid, depending on their location on our earth. Once that is completed, we will move on to learn about map skills.

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