Van Cortlandtville Elementary School

Fourth Grade

Barbara Ahlstedt
Shannon Bird
Robert Gill

Sara Piccirilli
Nicole Wilson

Fourth Grade's Supply List 2022-2023

Fourth Grade Monthly Newsletter

March 2023

In ELA, the 4th graders are working on Units 3 and 4.  In these units the students will be learning about, and writing informational texts.  They will learn many skills, including determining text importance, summarizing, comparing and contrasting, finding problems and solutions, and analyzing the author's voice.

Math -
The 4th graders are learning about equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, comparing fractions and adding and subtracting fractions. It is still very important for the students to know their times tables in order for them to be successful in these units.  Please continue to reinforce multiplication facts with your student(s), especially the 6, 7, and 8 times tables.  Comparing, simplifying, and finding equivalent fractions all depend on using multiplication., or division.

Social Studies -
We are learning about the Age of Exploration, and 4 European men who explored NY State.

Science -
We finished our second unit in Science.  Our next unit will teach the students about waves and information. 

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