Van Cortlandtville Elementary School

First Grade

Margaret Martin
Dina Peters

Jenna Saldi
Tara Sclavounos
Kathleen Serratore / Taryn Pellegrino

Jennifer Volpicelli

First Grade's Supply List 2022-2023


First Grade Monthly Newsletter
March 2023

The students are learning about closed syllables, tapping out words with more than four sounds, and the suffixes -s, -ing, and -ed. 
This unit will focus on writing a review. The children will be introduced to how to write an introduction, three supporting details, and a conclusion. They are excited to share their opinions! 
Students will be exploring a variety of informational texts. They will review non-fiction text features and learn how to identify important details to demonstrate comprehension.

Social Studies:
In social studies, we are learning about the people and places in our community. In addition, the children will learn about the different directions on a compass and design a map of their classroom(s).

The students are well on their way to learning about nonstandard measurement and telling time to the hour and half hour. They will be able to tell time on both an analog and digital clock. They love participating in the hands-on activities.


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