Lincoln-Titus Elementary School

Third Grade

There is a major transition that takes place in the third grade. It is here that the students move from learning to read to reading to learn. Writing becomes an integral part of their daily work in all subjects, as well.

In math multiplication and division facts are mastered, and there is great emphasis on problem solving. Plant growth is monitored through the use of technology. Raising butterflies, and understanding the water cycle, and building electrical circuits also engage our third graders.

Doors to other cultures open when the students are exposed to other world communities, especially China.

We are committed to providing a challenging and productive year of growth for all students.

Third Grade Projects
n order to insure that all of our young learners have the same experiences and opportunities to be engaged with 21st century learning, we have developed a number of curriculum projects that integrate existing curriculum with technology.  These projects were developed by teachers in district and regional workshops.  
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