Lincoln-Titus Elementary School

Spotlight On Fourth Grade

Dialogue Deliveries

As part of the LitLife Curriculum, Mrs. Peckham’s and Miss Armstrong’s fourth grade class have been exploring dialogue in both reading and writing.  Students have been examining various texts by identifying dialogue, monologue and inner voice to analyze the thoughts and feelings of the main and supporting characters.  Students learned the mechanics of how to write a dialogue between characters using quotation marks and verbs.  Students were very careful to choose words to assist the reader to speak with expression, emotion and tone.  For example, “I want the cherry lollipop!” screeched Matilda.

During the written assignment, students were given a full color picture, courtesy of Google images.  They were required to create characters and dialogue to support what was happening in the picture.  The students were so enthusiastic about their writing pieces; it prompted a technology project to materialize.

Using the Photo Story software students were able to bring their dialogues to life by importing their image from the internet and creating an audio version of their written work.  This exercise inspired students to creatively edit their images to enhance their dialogue, add music to fit the mood and practice their fluency using expression while reading aloud.

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