Lincoln-Titus Elementary School

Fourth Grade

Laura Armstrong-Weaver,  Jennifer Kelsey, Tiffany Munson, Tara Madden

Fourth graders will become more knowledgeable about the history of New York State. They will learn about Native American culture and survival in our state as well as the lives of early settlers and colonists starting a new nation. Their science studies will help to develop their inquiry skills as they learn about volcanoes, earthquakes, rocks, simple machines, food chains, and the human digestive system.
Our math program integrates technology to support topics such as problem solving, fraction concepts, and geometry. Fourth graders will become more independent and analytical readers and writers using a wide variety of medium. The Word Masters program will engage students in building a sophisticated vocabulary.

Fourth Grade Projects
In order to insure that all of our young learners have the same experiences and opportunities to be engaged with 21st century learning, we have developed a number of curriculum projects that integrate existing curriculum with technology.  These projects were developed by teachers in district and regional workshops.

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