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Senior Newsletter & Scholarship Opportunities
May 2023
For detailed information on services, updates, and important student & parent resources, visit Lakeland School District Guidance Department

The Post-Graduation form is an extremely important form that ALL seniors must complete because it:

  • Identifies post-graduate plans for ALL seniors (college, military, work, etc.)
  • Enables the school counseling office to send the FINAL TRANSCRIPT to the college the senior is attending (without a final transcript a college will not allow a student to register for classes.)

Please note:

  • Directions on how to access the form in Naviance will be available in the Class of 2023 School Counseling Google Classroom starting May 1, 2023.
  • We need all parents to ensure their 12th grade child completes this form in Naviance.

Please remember to use your counselor as a resource and sounding board if you are undecided as to your next year’s plans.

  • You are responsible for sending your AP scores from the College Board to your college.
  • Students taking college credit courses at LHS/WPHS must request their college transcript from the college issuing the credit (i.e., Honors Spanish 5 - WCC, English 120 College Writing Honors - Marist, etc.) and have it sent to the college the student will be attending in the fall in order to be considered for college credit.

Remember to send a thank you note to the people who wrote you letters of recommendation. 

Thank you notes should also be sent if you receive a scholarship/award.

This is your last senior newsletter.  We wish you the very best with your future endeavors!!

, 1349 East Main St. Shrub Oak, NY  10588
PH: (914) 528-0600 (press 3, Guidance), FAX: (914) 528-3693
ADMINISTRATION:  Christopher Cummings, Principal, Alfonse Davino, Asst. Principal, Samantha Stein, Asst. Principal
COUNSELING OFFICE:  Frank Gizzo, Director of School Counseling
SCHOOL COUNSELORS:  Meredith Klatsky, Kaitlyn Marshall, Gregory Millings (ACE),  Bianca Raniolo, Julie Ruxton, Dennine Smith
SUPPORT STAFF:  Patricia Goff, Cheryl Hamilton, Carole Henkin, Beth O’Neill, College and Career Ctr.