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Biographies: Researching People of Interest

In ELA Unit 2, Biographies, students choose and do research on an important person of their choice. At the end of the unit, they create a multimedia presentation about the person and then create a first person narrative about that person.

For the technology component, teachers may choose to have the students either:
  • create a presentation (PowerPoint, Keynote or other presentation software) about one or more components of the person's life (education, accomplishments, impact on society)
  • create a first person narrative, using technology, to present information about the person's life (example: A Day in the Life of Rosa Parks)
For the first person narrative, students can use PhotoStory on the PC, iMovie or Garageband on the Mac, or one of a variety of apps on the iPad (Fotobabble, ShowMe, Educreations, and more). These programs all allow for student voice-over narration to complete a first person narrative.
Students should be encouraged to use at least three types of figurative language in their first person narrative.
Use the graphic organizer (included) for planning the presentation.