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What's happening with PD and CTLE requirements?

In July of 2016, the old 175 hour PD requirement ceased and the new 100 hour CTLE requirement went into effect. CTLE differs from PD and must be offered by state-approved sponsors in order to be "counted." Lakeland Central School district is an approved CTLE sponsor.

How many hours am I supposed to take? In what areas?

NYSED requires those holding Professional Certificates and Level III Teaching Assistants to complete 100 hours of CTLE every 5 years. CTLE must be specific to content, pedagogy and ELL. TESOL teachers must complete 50% of their CTLE hours in ELL, while everyone else must do 15 hours every 5 years. As a District, we have committed ourselves to offering CTLE-eligible ELL options at future Superintendent's Conference Days.

How do the hours get reported?

As we understand the process, you will be asked to "attest" that you have completed your CTLE requirements when you re-register your certificate at the end of this 5 year registration cycle. You will need to keep copies of your certificates in the event that NYSED selects you for an audit, but you are not required to "log" hours or "upload" anything to New York State. Faculty and Department meetings do not meet CTLE-language and CTLE-certificates are not being issued for such meetings.

Why can't I see CTLE hours in MLP for the Superintendent's Conference Day activities at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year?

Because CTLE was put into effect by NYS before we were approved as a sponsor and before the MLP system could be configured to meet requirements, some of the documentation for Superintendent's Conference Day events will need to be done manually. Rest assured, if you took LCSD Superintendent's Conference Day Activities on August 30 or 31, 2016 or November 8, 2016 and they meet the state's requirements for CTLE, you will be receiving a CTLE certificate. You can expect to have your certificates in your possession sometime in the spring of this school year. (Thank you, Jean Miccio and Lorraine O'Keefe!) Any of the more recent District offerings in MLP clearly indicate whether or not they are CTLE-eligible and certificates will be housed right within MLP.

Should I send my CTLE Certificates to Human Resources?

As we understand it, the district does not report CTLE hours to the state. We are told that each educator will attest to their own CTLE hours as a part of the registration process. However, you should be sure to keep copies of your CTLE Certificates to produce in the event of an audit.