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The College Application

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The College Application  
Common Application Walkthrough | Khan Academy Instructional Video
Anatomy of the College Application | NYS HESC Interactive Webpage

The College Essay
Think of the essay as a Highlight Reel of YOUR Journey!
  Challenges you have overcome, your "GRIT"
  What excites You about this next phase of your educational journey
  Connecting the "DOTS"
  Going beyond the colleges web site

Lakeland CSD Personal Narrative Guide | Resource for writing your College Essay
Writing YOUR College Essay | Khan Academy Instructional Video
Teaching the College Essay |Edutopia
ZeeMee | Social Media Admissions Video - Make Your Application Stand Out!
ZeeMee | Instructional Video
Advice from College Admissions Experts | UNIGO

College Application Links
CSS Profile - Informational link, to include which institutions require the CSS Profile
Fair Test - Colleges that Do Not use the SAT or ACT scores for Admissions