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How to get graphs and tables into PowerPoint

1. Download your article and save it as a .PDF file.
2. Open Adobe Acrobat Reader from the desktop
3. Open your article
4. Find the desired image
5. Select "Tools" (at the top of the screen)
6. A drop-down menu will appear, and place your mouse over "Select & Zoom"
7. A new menu will appear to the right, and then select "Snapshot Tool"
8. Place your cursor at the corner of the desired image, click, and drag the dotted box around the desired image.
9. The image will then be highlighted in blue, and should be automatically copied (a pop-up message should appear). If not copied, right click and click copy as you would normally.
10. Go to PowerPoint, or whatever program you're using, and paste the image where desired.

Or if you use FoxFit:
In Foxfit Reader (On your desktop) open your PDF (To see how to do this, scroll past all of these instructions to FOXFIT READER 101)

In your toolbar on Foxfit, you will see a camera. Click that and drag your cursor over the image you would like to save. It should highlight the image, saving it to your clipboard.

Now, open Photoshop. To do this, go to your start menu (bottom left corner of your screen) go to "Applications", "Graphics", and "Photoshop 7."

On Photoshop, go to "File" at the top, select "New", name it what you please, and change your width and height to 12 inches. (If the graphic you’re trying to enlarge is unusually long or tall, you can adjust the width or height now, but 12 by 12 should be fine.)

You should now see a white black canvas. Move up to "Edit" select "Paste" and your image should appear.

Now, on your toolbar on the left, select the cursor with the compass and drag your image to the top left corner of your canvas.

When the image is up there, go back to "Edit" and find and select "Free Transform." Your image will now be in movement boxes. HOLD SHIFT ON YOUR KEYBOARD and drag the right corner of your image to the size you want it. When it is to the correct size, press enter on your keyboard Anchorand the movement boxes should disappear.

Move up to "File" and select "Save." On this screen, change the format to JPEG (it should be the 7trh one down) and save it to a place you can find again when you add it to your Powerpoint. JPEG options will pop up, and here you should change the "Quality" to 10 and press okay.

You now can go to your Powerpoint Document. Move up to the "Insert" Tab, select "Picture" and find your picture and add it. The picture is now super high resolution and should be fine to make larger or smaller.

When you get your article off the web, there should be a save option. Save the article to your computer. *Make sure you save it as a name you can find later. Often websites give them long numbered names, and if you have several of those they all are impossible to tell apart unless you open them all.

Minimize your internet browser and find the Foxfit symbol on your desktop. (I outlined it in red)

Open up Foxfit and go to "File" "Open" and open your PDF.