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Science Research Notable Milestones

On Saturday March 12, 2016 our Science Research Students competed at WESEF (Westchester Science and Engineering Fair)
Six of the ten students won awards! This is an excellent achievement for our students and the teachers who lead the program. Great job!
Walter Panas High School:
Miah Cohall - 2nd place Behavioral and Social Sciences
Nicole Russo won the Cellular and Molecular Biology special award "Hitachi Scientific Endeavor Award" 
Nicolette Ribeiro - 4th place Medicine and Health
Clifford Soloway - 3rd place Cellular and Molecular Biology
Lakeland High School:
Chris Werni won the special award "Stockholm Junior Water Prize" Top water related project.
Brandon Neilson won third place in the engineering category.




Westlake Science Fair (2014)

Christian Neilsen, 3rd place in Cellular and Molecular Biology II (2013-14)

Akshay Ramaswamy, 3rd place in Cellular and Molecular Biology III (2013-14)

James Allen, 2nd place Environmental Science (2013-14)


Acorda Scientific Excellence Award

Alan Cha(2013-14)

Akshay Ramaswamy(2013-14) 


TriCounty Engineering and Science Fair 

Mihir Paradkar, 1st place in Mathematics (2013-14)

Emily Pathil, 3rd place in Medicine (2013-14)

Julianna Christopolous, 3rd place in the Earth and Science Category (2014-15)


Westchester Science and Engineering Fair (WESEF) 

Ashkay Ramaswamy, 4th place in Biochemistry (2013-14)

Mihir Paradkar, 4th place in Mathematics (2013-14)


Akshay Ramaswamy, Philips Award for Exceptional Research (2014-15)