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ELA Resources

MORNING WORKWelcome to the English Language Arts resource page.  You will find helpful links
to websites, games, and activities to help support students' literary life!

Fun with Spelling
How do children learn to read and write words?  In a rich and balanced program, teachers provide many learning opportunities for all children to gain the knowledge and experiences necessary to look at how words work.

  • Children need to hear written language so they can learn its structure and take in new information and ideas.
  • Children need to become aware of the sounds of language, to enjoy those sounds, and to use the knowledge as a tool.
  • Children need to have many experiences working with written symbols and to explore words and learn how they work.

The spelling links represent a wide range of knowledge, abilities and strategies for children to become effective word solvers and provides suggestions for professional development for teachers.

Guide to Grammar
What is Grammar?
The system of rules of a language and the study of how words and their components combine to form sentences. The resources on these pages will help students become better writers.

Writing Resources
These samples have been chosen to stimulate and facilitate discussions of student writing.  They are not intended to reflect actual classroom assessment practice or to dictate students' grades.These samples are not ranked by level of performance, but are intended to highlight specific areas of strength.