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District Field Trips

6153 Field Trips

Adoption Date: 02/14/1980  Revised: 05/18/2000, 12/13/1994 Reviewed:  September 24, 2012
6000 - Instruction
6153 Field Trips

The Board of Education recognizes that field trips properly planned and integrated into the curriculum, not merely recreational, are an educationally sound and important part of the program of the schools that can supplement and enrich classroom instruction by providing learning experiences in an environment outside of the schools which address the State standards.

For purposes of this policy, a field trip shall be generally defined as any journey by a group of students away from the school premises, under the supervision of a teacher that is an integral part of an approved course of study.

The Superintendent of Schools shall be responsible for reviewing and approving all proposed field trips which are planned to keep students out of the District overnight or longer. The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for reviewing and approving all other field trips. The Superintendent shall inform the Board of all approved field trips.

The costs of transportation, as well as the related costs of a field trip are to be paid in advance of the field trip. Provision will be made by the Superintendent to insure that no student is denied participation because of financial conditions.

It is the policy of the Board not to endorse or support field trips which require travel out of the country, except where such field trip is directly related to the curriculum, is a significant educational value and the students are required to attend classroom instruction (e.g., exchange programs).

No staff member or other individual shall announce any non-school sponsored trip, nor solicit students of this District for such trips within the facilities or on the school grounds of the District. In addition, no individual shall use the name of the District or any of its organizations in conjunction with such trip. The Board does not endorse, support or assume liability in any way for any staff member of this District who takes students on trips not approved by the Board or Superintendent, as required by this policy.

Any staff member who leads, sponsors, or participates in a non-school sponsored trip involving District students shall in advance and in writing inform the participating students and their parents/guardians that the trip is not sponsored by the District and the District bears no responsibility for such trip.

The Superintendent shall prepare regulations for the operation of field trips which shall insure that:

1. Students on approved field trips remain under the supervision of this Board and are subject to its rules and regulations, including the Student Code of Discipline. The safety and well-being of students shall be protected at all times.

2. A so-called educational trip, initiated by the parent and not sponsored by the school, is by attendance regulation, an illegal absence.

3. Private transportation will not be used for school sponsored trips unless approved by the Superintendent of Schools or designee.

4.  A Permission Slip completed by the student’s parents/guardians is obtained for every participating student prior to participation in a field trip which involves travel beyond the school grounds to which a student is assigned. No student will be permitted to participate without such completed form.

Instructional Day Trip Proposal Form (pdf file - 149kb)