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This is a place for Faculty, Staff, Students, and Parents to get support with technology concerns. Choose the appropriate form below. Due to the large influx of support requests, please allow a window of up to 24 hours for a response.

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Frequently Asked Questions
My Chomebook won't power on. What do I do?
            When a chromebook battery totally drains, the chromebooks go into a battery protection "disconnect" mode. The chromebook may not power on immediately once plugged in. Leave the device plugged in for 30 Minutes to an Hour and the device should power back on once it realizes it is safe to do so.

How do I add a hard wired printer?
            For a wired printer, simply plug in and wait 10 seconds. Chromebooks get printer drivers through the internet and install in seconds and you will be ready to print.

How do I add a wireless printer?
            For a wireless printer, you can refer to the PDF tutorial here.

Why am I getting no sound?
            Make sure all audio devices are plugged in properly and powered on. Make sure volume is up and is not muted. Refer to audio guide here.

I can hear everyone else, but why can't they hear me?
            Sometimes we have to make sure the correct microphone input method is selected. Check out the guide here.

How do I reset my password before it expires?
            You can visit to begin the reset process.

For other chromebook questions and concerns, and troubleshooting support/resources, try referring to: