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Building Committees and District Council Membership

E4A Buildings

In order to become a member of an E4A Building Committee, interested parties must complete the volunteer application, which will then be reviewed by the building administration. Through attrition, there are a limited number of spots available on the building-based teams each year. We ask that anyone who wishes to participate in this work do so with an open mind, empathy, and humility. All invested participants will have a voice to support the best interests of all students.

Building E4A Teams are established at the beginning of each school year. Please reach out to your school building administrator for more information on the E4A Building Committee application and selection process.
Building Committees and District Council Membership

TERM: Committee members serve two-year terms. 

QUALIFICATION: A parent/guardian can only serve on a building committee of the school their child currently attends.

FAMILY REPRESENTATION: In order to provide equal representation of district families,  only one (1) person may represent their family districtwide. For example, a student at the high school and a parent/guardian at an elementary school (from the same family) cannot both be on an E4A building committee.