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Black History Month

February 1st kicks off Black History Month, a national celebration of the contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout the history of the United States. 

While African American history is integrated into the NYS Social Studies Framework, Black History Month serves as a unique opportunity to spotlight Black leaders and their significant contributions to society. This month, we have a variety of initiatives happening across our district. From virtual museum trips to the National Museum of African American History and Culture, to classes reading a part of WEB DuBois' "The Souls of Black Folk," reviewing relevant Supreme Court cases, creating children's books of important Black American figures from different time periods, discussing the economic, social and political impact of the movie Hidden Figures, or celebrating achievements of African American artists and writers from the Harlem Renaissance - we have something going on in almost every area of our curriculum that will highlight the contributions African Americans have made throughout our history.

We are very proud of the work that is done throughout our district for Black History Month.

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