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6155 Award of Course Credit Without Seat Time

Adoption Date: 06/19/2003  Revised: 04/18/2013, 01/10/2005
Award of Course Credit Without Seat Time
Policy # 6155

The Board of Education recognizes that under certain limited circumstances, a student may be awarded credit for a course even though he/she does not have seat time in the course, subject to compliance with all State Education Department regulations governing course requirements and Regents examinations.

Transfer Students
When a student transfers to the Lakeland Central School District from another school, the student’s transcript shall be reviewed by the department chairperson, the building principal or designee, and content area teacher to determine the course credit to be awarded.  When additional information is necessary in order to determine whether or not course credit shall be awarded, the course description shall be requested from the previous school for comparison with a similar course given in this School District.  If the transcript and/or course description are not provided by the previous school or if comparability cannot be determined, the end-of-year Regents examination or other State Education Department approved examination, or Department final examination where there is no Regents or other State Education Department approved examination, shall be administered to the student so the student’s content knowledge level can be determined.  If the student demonstrates that he/she has mastered the course content, the student shall be awarded Carnegie credits for each such course.  Transfer grades for honors courses will not be weighted on a student’s transcript.  However, the District will weight a grade for an AP course which is transferred.

English as a New Language Student
For a student whose native language is other than English (“LOTE”), a previous LOTE examination shall be administered to determine whether or not he/she is exempted from taking a second language (other than English).  If the student scores 85 or above, the student shall be exempt from taking a second language and shall receive three Carnegie credits.

Exemption from a Course for a Student with Exceptional Achievement
A student with exceptional achievement as determined by the teacher, curriculum director and principal in a content area may be exempted from a Regents level course ending in a Regents examination and receive Carnegie credit if he/she shows mastery of the course content by scoring 85 or above on a current Regents examination (in January, June or August).  If the examination administered to the student reflects more than one year of study, the student shall receive commensurate Carnegie credit.  The student must sit for the exam at the time of its administration.

However, the student must take the next course in the sequence.  For a student with extraordinary ability, the administration may continue to administer Regents examinations for the course in the sequence.  If the student scores 85 or higher, he/she shall be exempted from the course and receive Carnegie credit.

Exceptional students may complete all courses through the AP level offered in School District’s high schools and/or take college courses in combination with the high school program or graduate early.

Independent Study
A student may be permitted to undertake an independent study course upon approval of such course and its requirements by the subject area teacher, the department chair and the building principal or designee.  One of these individuals will monitor and assess the student’s work (in process and at the conclusion).  Independent study can only be undertaken in courses in which the content, as specified by SED regulations, can be completed independently.