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5122 Student Placement and Evaluation

Adoption Date: 9/26/1963, Revised: 4/20/2006; 07/14/1993
5000 - Students
5122 Student Placement and Evaluation

Placement within the school system, with respect to building, teacher and grade or special class, shall be at the discretion of the school administration and shall be subject to review and change at any time. In making such decisions, the administrator will be guided by the student’s age, social and emotional maturity, performance in class, the student’s past record, parent/guardian and teacher recommendations, standardized test scores and any other appropriate sources of information. The final decision shall rest with the school administration.

Students who transfer into the District from other schools will usually be placed at the grade level in which he or she was previously assigned.

The Building Principal shall have the authority to make assignments to secure a more equitable distribution of students, thereby avoiding the overcrowding of particular classrooms.

Promotion and Retention
A student will be promoted to the succeeding grade level when the student has, in the opinion of his/her teachers, Child Study Team and Building Principal, achieved the instructional objectives set for the current grade. The Superintendent will develop procedures to be followed by the staff regarding promotion and retention. Building Principals may establish written standards for promotion or retention of students within their school building consistent with the Superintendent’s Regulations.

Testing Program
The Board of Education endorses and supports the use of ability, achievement, diagnostic, readiness, interest and guidance tests as part of the total educational process to the degree to which tests help the District to serve its students. However, it is the policy of the Board of Education not to administer group standardized achievement tests for students in second grade or below unless required by law or regulation.

Alternative Testing Procedures
The use of alternative testing procedures shall be limited to:

1. Students identified by the Committee on Special Education as having a disability; and
2. Students whose native language is other than English, except that alternative testing procedures for the Regents Competency Tests in reading and writing may be used only by students who first enter, after grade eight, schools where the predominant language of instruction is English.

The alternative testing procedures utilized shall be based upon the student’s individual needs and the type of test administered.

The District shall report the use of alternative testing procedures to the State Education Department on a form and at a time prescribed by the Commissioner.

Reporting to Parents/Guardians
Parents/Guardians shall receive an appropriate report of student progress at regular intervals. Report cards shall be used as a standard vehicle for the periodic reporting of student progress and appropriate school related data. Other means of reporting student progress, such as conferences, interim progress reports and telephone conversations, may also be used.

When necessary, attempts will be made to provide such reports to parents/guardians in their dominant mode of communication.