1400 Paroled Sex Offenders

Adoption Date: 3/13/1997, Revised: 4/5/2001; Reviewed: 01/27/2014 
1000 - Community Relations
Relations Between Other Government Agencies and Schools
1400 Paroled Sex Offenders

The Board of Education acknowledges and understands that pursuant to New York State’s Sex Offender Registration Act, school districts may be notified by local law enforcement authorities when a convicted sex offender who presents a moderate risk (level 2) or a high risk (level 3) is released into the geographical boundaries of the school community. Because the safety and protection of the students in the School District is of primary importance, it is the policy of the School District to cooperate with and assist the police and other law enforcement agencies with respect to monitoring the whereabouts of such sex offenders in the school community.

The Superintendent of Schools shall establish and implement procedures to assist the police and other law enforcement agencies when the School District is notified that a sex offender who presents a moderate or high risk is located in or about the School District, including notifications of appropriate School District staff and organizations who use School District facilities with children in attendance.

All requests for information provided by the law enforcement agencies shall be directed to the Records Access Officer.