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2022-2023 BOE Goals

Lakeland Central School District  Board of Education Goals 2022-23 

Student Achievement 
  • Support a high quality, well-rounded educational experience that meets the needs of all  students, delivers the skills and confidence necessary to be successful in the 21st century, and  supports the emotional and physical safety and well-being of students through:
    • Providing support and allocating necessary resources to the administration to enable  them to safely implement and succeed with the district’s education plan. Maintaining an updated policy manual, Special Education district plan. Physical Education  plan, district wide safety plan and code of conduct.
    • Supporting a wide variety of educational programs that create viable learning paths  tailored to the needs of all students.
    • Continue to ensure the district remains at the cutting edge of educational technology,  including devices for all students K - 12, professional development for teachers and staff,  and technology support. 
  • Support the superintendent's efforts to recruit and retain exceptional administrators, teachers,  and staff district wide and to provide them with outstanding professional development to ensure  their skills are at the forefront of educational standards.
  • Continue to support the superintendent’s Equity for All initiatives, to ensure a welcoming,  inclusive, and safe learning environment for all students. 
Facilities/Fiscal Management/Safety 
  • Ensure tax dollars are invested efficiently and are used judiciously in support of our educational  program.
    • Continue to improve and maintain district facilities through capital projects, our energy  performance contract and other projects.
    • Maintain fiscal accountability by requiring comprehensive fiscal management practices  that ensures priorities are aligned with funding.
    • Continue to provide necessary resources to implement process and policies in regards  to safety. 
Community Engagement
  • Explore, implement and review strategies to enhance communication and engagement with all community stakeholders.
    • Foster and encourage a positive, productive, and collaborative tenor in the community 
Trustee Development 
  • Conduct and review the board self-evaluation annually.
  • Commit to attending at least one workshop, meeting, retreat, or seminar and share resources  that offer insight, knowledge, and training on board member improvement.
  • Attend at least three events across the district, including educational, artistic and/or athletic to  increase and maintain positive engagement with students, staff, community, and parents.

Board of Education Approved: September 22, 2022 ( PDF )