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Public Comment

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The Board of Education recognizes the value of public comment on educational issues and matters of public interest. In order to permit the fair and orderly expression of public comment, the following rules shall govern and will be administered by the presiding officer.

If you wish to comment at the Board of Education meeting, please complete this form by 2 P.M. the day of the meeting. Contact information is required in case follow-up is necessary. Please use this link to review the agenda before completing the form: https://go.boarddocs.com/ny/lakeland/Board.nsf/Public

  • Comments are limited to three (3) minutes or less per speaker. A speaker may not yield his/her time to another speaker in order to extend the time for comment.
  • No speaker may comment on or identify any particular student or employee by name or situation in his/her comments.
  • All comments are to be directed to the board president or designee.
  • Speakers on different topics will be recognized before a repeat of topics.
  • Handouts and/or petitions are to be given only to the district clerk for distribution to the Board. The Board will receive and consider all written comments.
Policy 1120: Public Participation at Board of Education Meetings

You may also write to the Board in care of the district clerk (districtclerk@lakelandschools.org). The Board Policy and Procedure for Resolving Parent and Community Complaints follow.

Procedures for Resolving Parent and Community Complaints

The following procedures, adopted by the Board of Education as part of Policy #1310, are designed to provide parents and other community members with an efficient and effective way of processing and resolving complaints and concerns at the earliest possible stage.  The procedures listed below should be followed before an issue is brought to the Board of Education. 

  • Teacher: in most cases, a parent should speak with the individual who works most closely with his/her child, the  teacher;
  • School Counseling Office: At the Middle or High Schools, questions regarding student schedules, counseling, or college applications should first be addressed to the guidance department;
  • Principal or Assistant Principal: If an issue is not resolved after speaking to the teacher or guidance counselor, a building administrator should be contacted;
  • Transportation Office: If an issue involves transportation matters, such as routing or times, the transportation office should be contacted first, and if not resolved, the Transportation Supervisor should be contacted.

Central Office Administrators: If an issue is not resolved at the building administrator level, a central office administrator should be contacted as follows:

  • Director of Facilities for transportation concerns;
  • Business Administrator for business-based concerns;
  • Assistant Superintendent for Instruction for instructional concerns;
  • Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources for personnel issues;
  • Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services or designee for special education issues, health office concerns, and registration or residency concerns.

 If an issue or concern remains unresolved after following the above procedures, the Superintendent of Schools should be contacted.

If the issue is not resolved at the Superintendent of Schools level, the issue or concern may be brought to the Board of Education, in writing for their consideration. They will determine if it is within their purview and appropriate for consideration.  All correspondence for the Board of Education should be sent to the District Clerk. The Board of Education may determine not to address the concern or issue.

In extreme circumstances, such as health or safety issues, you may call your building principal or district office to deal with the issue immediately.

Anonymous letters cannot receive the same level of attention as those that are signed.  Unless the letter meets certain limited criteria, such as reporting a crime, with specifics, it will not be acknowledged or acted upon.

In most cases, if a response cannot be handled immediately, a return call is to be expected within 24 hours.