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The pursuit of an education in ART is nothing less than a  journey to the most vital  part of  the experience. Interwoven with every other branch of  knowledge, ART represents our gauge of  human civilization itself. It is as personally challenging as it is culturally urgent.

Children at Ben Franklin are steeped in an environment rich with resources from potter’s wheel to full color design examples; from printmaking to stitchery; from drawing basics to mathematically  inspired fiber pattern art. Each grade explores a variety of ART materials in a structure that is supported  by NY STATE guidelines on learning standards that are grade appropriate. Many periods in history are referenced as a host of materials and techniques are made available.

“Children have innate artistic abilities which are enhanced by calling attention to what they do best: create!” says Mr. Fried, our art teacher.

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Library Media Center

 Melissa Iaria- Library Media Specialist 

Benjamin Franklin library houses a collection of approximately 10,000 volumes from every genre. Students visit the library weekly for book selection and instruction toward independent library use. Students learn how to access and use information efficiently and effectively for research.The library enriches and supports curriculum.
Literature appreciation is nurtured through exposure to age appropriate stories and read-a-louds.

The library provides quality resources to students and staff. The library strives to stimulate curiosity and help students develop a lifelong love of reading and learning.


Jamie Stroffolino, Music Coordinator K-12

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Benjamin Franklin offers a variety of musical experiences for our students. All children, grades K-5, attend a 40 minute General Music class weekly. Beginning in 4th grade, every child will have the opportunity to join a performing group. Currently, Ben Franklin offers 4th and 5th grade Chorus, 5th grade Band and 5th grade String Orchestra.
Chorus meets once a week during the school day and will perform at both the Winter and Spring Concerts. Members of the Band and String Orchestra participate in small group lessons on a weekly basis. Later in the year, Band and Orchestra students will be required to attend large group rehearsals in order to prepare for the Spring Concert. All 4th and 5th grade students are encouraged to participate in a performing group.

Physical Education
 Michael Auerbach and Justin McCarthy

The physical education program at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School not only focuses on physical skills and knowledge, but also on character development.

Energy Room 
We are the first school in the Lakeland School District, as well as one of a handful of schools in the nation, which has an Energy Room. Being able to utilize the Energy Room, the students have become aware of the importance of physical activity and proper nutrition in order to lead healthy productive lives.

Challenge Course 
The challenge course has been added to an already innovative physical education program thanks to the Lakeland Education Foundation and a grant written by Mrs. Janik and Mr. Robinson. Students work on problem solving skills, cooperation, and leadership while working on the challenge course. Students challenge themselves individually and also work together as a team to solve problems. Jump Rope for Playground

In our classes students have been jumping rope as a part of our focus on fitness, agility, and overall body coordination. Yearly, the students have a chance to directly take part in raising money for their playground by going to members of the community for contributions for Jump Rope for Playground.

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