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Grade 8 Band - Mr. Dashnaw

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Home Page

Welcome to the Grade 8 Band Website.

The Grade 8 Concert Band Spring performance will be on Monday, May 18, at WPHS.
Start time, 7:30 P.M., students arrive at 7:00.

Jazz Ensemble performance schedule for the week:
Monday - VC
Tuesday - GW
Wednesday - LT
Thursday - TJ
Friday - BF

Be at each school by 8:20.

No before school rehearsals on delays for Jazz

All Grade 8 Band students need to be fully prepared to play at every lesson and rehearsal. 
That would include all of the following:
instrument in working order, pen, pencil, notebook, folder, Lesson Book, band music.

We have done the beginning and more on Carmina Burana - also a recording on my resources page.
The Concert Bb major scale, Concert Eb major scale, and the Concert Bb blues scale should be being heard at home - 8/4/2/1/ eighth notes.
We have added the Concert C major scale, and the Concert F major scale. These 5 scales need to be memorized for the first lesson in 2015!
1/8 notes at 120!

It is important to practice the scales with a metronome, available on my links page, or as a free app for any smart phone.
The speed for the scales is "120".

The schedule/lesson calendar is posted on my site, in the band room, and in the Guidance Office.

Keep practicing!

Check out the links page for musical ideas.
The lesson schedule and lesson groups are posted on the Band Resources page.

Mr. Dashnaw - Director


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