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Counseling Newsletter May 2020

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Mental Health Flyer

For detailed information on services, updates, and important student & parent resources, visit 
Guidance Website 

We hope that everyone is healthy and safe, and while we are all living in this new normal, our Guidance Office wants to move forward the best we can by providing you with this Counseling Newsletter. If you have any questions, please reach out to your counselor.

For most up-to-date information on academic instruction, technology, grading, AP, SAT & ACT exams,pupil personnel/special education, athletics and school facilities, visit, Continuity of Academic Instruction.  The District Guidance Resources webpage at also provides valuable information. 
Also available is the LCSD Emotional Support Helpline: 914-603-9089

Regents Exams Canceled

NYSED has canceled all Regents Exams for June 2020. For more information refer to this memo addressing the cancellation of the June 2020 Administration of the New York State (NYS) High School Regents Examination Program in Response to COVID-19 Closure.

AP, SAT & ACT Exams

Due to the challenging climate, there have been changes to the standardized testing schedule for AP, SAT and ACT exams.  We recommend you check the district Guidance Resource webpage for more information: .

Testing Accommodations

If you receive testing accommodations in school, you must apply to receive those same accommodations on College Board or ACT Exams (PSAT/ SAT/ ACT/ AP).   Students should email their counselor for further details.

Have You Scheduled Your Junior Parent College Conference?

Counselors have been meeting with juniors and their parents since mid-December to develop a post-high school plan.  Please contact your child’s School Counselor, by email, if you need to arrange a junior parent college conference by phone.

Senior College Decisions & Post-High School Options

Please remember to use your counselor as a resource and sounding board if you are undecided as to your next year’s plans.  Remember that when choosing a college to consider the environment best suited for you to learn and grow.  Students and parents must also pay careful attention to financial aid package details, ensuring a clear understanding of how much debt is being assumed.  In June, we will be emailing to parents an extremely important survey that seniors will need to respond to because it enables us to send the student’s FINAL TRANSCRIPT to the college they are attending plus identify post-graduate plans for ALL seniors.  We need all parents to ensure their 12th grade student completes this simple survey.

Home Access Reminder

This is a reminder that parents must have a Home Access login to access a student’s interim, report card, course requests and schedule.  If you do not have your login information and have not yet visited Home Access, please email the contact for your child’s home school:  LHS – Patricia Goff, or WPHS – Dianne Alves, .  Parents are also strongly advised to verify the e-mail address that is registered with your school in order to receive reminders of when information is made available through Home Access, as well as, important correspondence.  The Home Access Center is available at the top of the district’s homepage at .

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

From the National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health:

As national events continue to illuminate the critical need for mental health care reform in this country, we must increase our efforts to educate the nation about the importance of prevention and early identification of mental health challenges. As a nation, we are vigilant about ensuring that our citizens know basic first aid techniques, understand the importance of smoke detectors, and can recite the techniques of “stop, drop and roll” but we fail to educate ourselves about the signs and symptoms of mental illness.

We must also highlight the fact that children are an integral part of a family unit and create an understanding amongst policy leaders and practitioners that healthy families are better equipped to support resilient children. Legislation, policies, and practices must fully endorse the undisputed importance of full family engagement and participation in the care and treatment of their children. Further, we must advocate for a holistic approach to children’s mental health that includes the provision of supports that strengthen the family as they nurture resiliency.

Please join us as we create a national dialogue about the importance of healthy families and resilient children!

As a starting point, visit:



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