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Physical Education

Spring Newsletter 2019


Anthony Fata 

Miranda Mangan

Kyle Pierce

Anthony Whitehouse

The Physical Education Department of Walter Panas High School would like to take this opportunity to announce that we are taking the students and program in a new direction beginning September 2011. While our focus has always been on fitness through individual and group activities, we will now strongly emphasize individual physical fitness and lifetime activities. All students will be tested in the mile run, as well as three tests of their choosing. To pass, students must score at the 50th percentile in accordance with the National Physical Fitness Test standards. The students may pick 3 tests from the following list: curl-ups, shuttle run, v-sit and reach, pull-ups, right angle pushups, and flexed arm hang. Students not reaching the 50th percentile in the four tests will be afforded the opportunity throughout the year to improve upon their scores. This will be done using a variety of instructional and fitness techniques including but not limited to: dynamic and static flexibility exercises, cardiovascular exercises, body weight resistance training, free weight training, linear machines, and plyometrics. Good luck, start practicing, and we look forward to seeing you in the fall!