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Going Green

A Whole Lot of Green:  Web Sites for Going Green

What are some ways of "going green" @ your library?
1.  Think twice before hitting the print button.
2.  Recycle any papers you intend to throw away.
3.  If the printer is not working, ask for assistance instead of repeatedly hitting the print button.

The following web sites focus on the importance of taking care of the Earth.  They provide you with information on ways to become familiar with what you can do to live a more green life, whether at home, at school, or out and about.  

The Daily Green
This web site is a consumer's guide to going green from

EPA Green Vehicle Guide
A web site that compares vehicles in terms of "which are the cleanest and most fuel efficient."(School Library Media Activities Monthly)

Act Green
Scholastic Inc. challenges students to "act green" and earn points to help save and protect the environment.  There are also tips on how to act green.