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Third Grade

Mrs. Carinci
Mrs. Colagiovanni  / Ms. DiPaterio  - Aspire 1-3
Mrs. Gawron

Ms. Mann - Aspire 3-5
Ms. McCalister

Mrs. Revis
Ms. Soohoo

Third Grade 

English Language Arts:  The students have been working so hard throughout our nonfiction reading and writing unit! They have been researching facts on their topic through books and digital resources. The students will edit and publish their writing to create their own nonfiction books. Next, we will be moving into our “Character Studies” reading unit. Because of Winn Dixie will be our read aloud, and students will learn many comprehension strategies to use when analyzing character traits, feelings, and motives. We will also be starting our “Changing the World” writing unit, where students will have the opportunity to create persuasive writing pieces on a topic they feel strongly about.

Math:  We are currently in our measurement unit where students are solving problems involving capacity, mass, and telling time. We are then moving into graphing using tally charts, bar graphs, and picture graphs. We will also review all concepts taught this year in preparation for our upcoming state assessment. Future units will introduce perimeter and two dimensional shapes as we work through the rest of the third trimester.  Please continue to have your child practice their math facts daily.

Science: We are currently in our unit on “How a Scientist Investigates Water Cycles.”  This unit includes the everyday uses of water, sources of water, states of water, and the water cycle. We are looking forward to our study of Butterflies this spring.

Social Studies: Our next unit of study will be about Brazil. We will look at the culture, geography, food and customs of Brazil.

Kindness Day: We are very excited for our Kindness Day Celebration on May 1st.  We are planning a special kindness celebration and activity with more information to come shortly.

As we approach the NYS ELA and Mathematics Assessments, we ask you to be sure that your child eats a healthy breakfast the morning of the assessments and gets plenty of rest the night before.

Third Grade Projects

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