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Third Grade

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Third Grade  ~ May 2018 Newsletter

ELA:  We’re continuing our unit: A Study of Peter Pan.  We’re learning about how authors capture readers’ imaginations through our novel study.  Students will learn about and understand character traits, motivations and actions, as well as how characters move a story forward.  We’ll be thinking about our own opinions about the characters in Peter Pan.  We’ll then write our own imagined scenes of Peter Pan using our own creativity.  During this writing project, students will craft a narrative piece of writing. 

Math:  This month the students will be completing the unit on representing and interpreting data. They have drawn and analyzed bar graphs, scaled picture graphs, and line plots. Students measure to the nearest ½ and ¼ inch using an inch ruler, and display their measurement data on a line plot. Following this unit, the students will be measuring the perimeter of shapes and relating it to area measurement.

Science: We will move into our final unit where we study the life cycle of the Painted Lady Butterfly. We are looking forward to the arrival of our caterpillars! Your child will be observing the caterpillars’ progress through the various stages of the life cycle. The children will create butterfly boxes that will be used to house the butterflies until they are released into our butterfly garden.  Please discuss these observations and transitions with your child, as they are very excited.

Social Studies: We are working on our study of China. We will continue to learn about Chinese culture, geography, food, the Chinese government and its economic system. We will compare China to the United States, and conclude our unit with a written piece based on our study.

 Aspire II May 2018 Newsletter

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