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Third Grade

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Third Grade  ~  October 2017 Newsletter

English Language Arts:  We are finishing up our first unit, “Seeking the Power of Reading,” from Engage NY. Students will continue onto our next unit, “Seeking the Power of Education and Reading.”  We will explore the question, “Why do people seek out the power of reading?” through the study of literature, literary nonfiction and informational articles from around the world.  Through these texts, students will take a journey around the world to learn about the extraordinary lengths to which some people go in order to access the power and privilege of reading.   Students will learn about and practice close reading and how to answer text dependent questions in this unit. We will finish our first Word Study unit, and then will continue into our second unit.  The second unit will contain cursive writing practice, high-frequency words, and the spelling rule for adding the suffix –ed to a root word.  Please keep a look out for the Unit 2 Word List, which will be sent home when Unit 1 is complete.

Math:  We have finished up place value through 9,999 where students were identifying the values of each digit, as well as comparing, ordering, and rounding numbers. We are now moving into our addition unit, followed by subtraction. Students will be identifying different properties of addition, and patterns to help us add and subtract with more fluency.

Science:  We have begun our “What is a scientist and what does a scientist do?” unit. Students have enjoyed observing, describing, and asking questions about the properties of a “mystery substance”.  Students were introduced to the format of recording observations, working collaboratively in small groups, and reaching conclusions through data analysis. We will be moving on to studying the life cycle of a plant and growing our own plants as well!

Social Studies:  We will finish work on our geography unit, which includes the study of directions, maps and coordinates. We will then introduce our unit on the United States government.

 Aspire II October 2017 Newsletter

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