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Third Grade

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Third Grade  ~December 2017 Newsletter

English Language Arts:  We have finished our unit that has focused on “Accessing Books around the World.”  Students have begun the next module, “Researching to Build Knowledge and Teaching Others: Connecting Literary and Informational Texts to Study Culture ‘Then and Now.’”  Your child will participate in literature circles to build expertise.  They will use reading, writing, listening and speaking to build knowledge about a topic.  Students will seek evidence of culture which can be thought of as the story of a group of people constructed through the generations; it can be evidenced through ancient and modern day customs and traditions. We will begin with a class study of the culture of Japan: Students will read “Magic Tree House: Dragon of the Red Dawn”, a book set in ancient Japan, paired with “Exploring Countries: Japan”, an informational text about modern Japan.

We will also continue to focus on study and test taking skills this month.  Please encourage your child to read for at least twenty minutes each night!

Math:  We will be working on basic division strategies this month. The students will learn how to represent division in multiple ways: equal groups, repeated subtraction, arrays, and as an unknown factor. We will then move into multiplication and division patterns, and students will learn strategies to help them become more fluent with their facts. Please continue to study multiplication and division facts at home.

Science:  We are beginning our unit of electricity. We will be discussing the different components needed for an electrical circuit to work, and students will be making their own simple circuits.

Social Studies:  Our current unit is United States Government. During this unit, students will learn about how the U.S. is impacted by its geography. They will also learn about what makes our government democratic, as well as cultural symbols that represent our nation.

 Aspire II December 2017 Newsletter

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