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Third Grade

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Third Grade  ~ March 2018 Newsletter

English Language Arts: This month,your third grader will continue to develop their skills through careful reading of both literary and informational texts. Students are continuing to learn about the culture of three different countries (Italy, Iraq and India). Students are sharing their learning about these countries through reading and structured book discussions. We are continuing our study with three Magic Tree House books as we discover the evidence of culture within each country. We are also guiding students in writing a cohesive written response to both fiction and nonfiction texts.  Students are learning how to provide evidence from the text to support their written responses. Students are encouraged to practice reading for at least 20-30 minutes each night to reinforce the skills of comprehension and fluency.

Math:   This month we will be completing our chapter on calculating the area of rectilinear objects. We will then move into our measurement unit where students will be solving problems involving capacity, mass, and telling time. We will continue to focus on word problems throughout all units. Please continue to practice multiplication facts at home.

Science: We are currently in our unit on “How a Scientist Investigates Water Cycles.”  This unit includes the everyday uses of water, sources of water, states of water, and the water cycle.

Social Studies: We are continuing our study of the United States and our democratic form of government.  In addition, we will be learning about our flag and the symbols that represent our country.  

 Aspire II March 2018 Newsletter

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