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Second Grade

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Second Grade ~  December 2017 Newsletter

Literacy:  In reading, we will continue to focus on reading comprehension strategies. This month the focus will be on retelling a story through folktales and fables. Students will learn how to retell a story using the ‘five finger’ strategy. We will also zoom in on the ‘event/plot’ section of the hand and learn how to tell the beginning, middle and end of the story.

Fundations:  In Unit 5 we will review how to combine syllables to form multisyllabic words. New suffix endings –ful, -ment, -ish, -ness, -less, -able, and –en will be introduced in this unit. When dictating words to your child remind him/her to underline the base word and circle the suffix. Lastly, the following sounds will be introduced: au says /o/ as in August  aw says /o/as in saw.

Math: In Module 4 the students will learn Addition and Subtraction Within 200 with Word Problems to 100. Using a concrete to pictorial to abstract approach, students use manipulatives and math drawings to develop an understanding of the composition and decomposition of units, and they relate these representations to the standard algorithm for addition and subtraction.

Science: In Unit 2 we will learn about energy. The three key ideas we will study are:
1)Forms of Energy
2)Energy Changes from one form to another
3)Energy Can Do Work and Interact with Matter
In this Unit the students will be preforming many hands on experiments as they move through the study of energy.

Social Studies:We will begin our study of Communities this month. We begin with the introduction of the three different community types; rural, urban and suburban, and their characteristics. From there will discuss their similarities and differences. 

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