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First off, we would like to thank all the parents for your support this school year.  It is amazing to see the growth the children have made. They would not be where they are today without your guidance.

On May 1, 2019, Lakeland will celebrate “Kindness, Caring and Citienship Day” district-wide.  The kindergartners will be making a kindness heart with their class and we encourage parent involvement during this activity.  More information will follow.

ELA:  We have been working hard in Fundations learning our letters and sounds.  We can now use that knowledge to read and write CVC words by identifying the beginning, middle and ending sounds in words.  We have been building up our high frequency words (sight words) to help us become better readers.  These sight words are not tapped out and need to be memorized.   We enjoyed exploring nonfiction texts about animals that hibernate and polar animals.  In reading and writing, we will begin our unit about our community and the people in our community that help us.

Math:  In math our youngsters have been working on a variety of concepts, including, composing and decomposing numbers to 10.  We learned to show numbers in other ways by joining or taking apart sets of objects to make a number.  This helped our kindergartners to become familiar with addition and subtraction.  They understand addition as putting together and adding to, and understand subtraction as taking apart and taking from.  We are gearing up to begin learning about numbers beyond ten.  They will focus on using ten frames to learn how teen numbers are built.  For example, sixteen is built with one ten and six ones. 

Social Studies:  In social studies, our kindergartners learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his contributions to our nation.  Equality, respect, freedom and other pertinent social concepts were important topics discussed this trimester.  We also learned about Presidents’ Day, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. 

Science:  In science, we began Unit 2 with an introduction into the physics of pushes and pulls.  Our young scientists have learned how different magnitudes (strength) of force effects how objects respond to that force.  These concepts were familiar to most kindergarten students because they interact with forces every day. The students explored how objects move in the world around us.  They were able to discover how objects are affected when a force is applied to them.  We are now ready to begin our exploration of science and engineering by starting our study of life sciences.  Many young students have a strong fondness for animals and their behaviors.  We intend to tap into that natural curiosity to help them understand how plants and animals need resources to survive and thrive.  We will also explore aspects of how humans have an impact on the environment.                                

 Kindergarten Projects

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Sight Word Game:
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Math: Great Math Games (mixed topics)

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