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ELA:  We are off to a great start with our Fundations program.  The activities teach the foundational skills of reading and writing to multiple learning styles (auditory, visual and kinesthetic).  Besides the letters and letter-sounds we have covered so far, we’ve been learning about and working with rhyming words and syllables.  The youngsters are developing comprehension skills as they learn to retell stories.  Making connections between illustrations and print is an important, early skill, which we use often.  We will be focusing on the last few letters of the alphabet in Fundations to wrap up Unit 1.  We are working hard to understand the ABC’s of reading and writing in our daily ELA lessons and activities.  We have learned all about building good habits as readers and writers and have enjoyed our unit on the components of fiction and non-fiction.  In the upcoming months, we will focus on learning informative writing by writing about facts we know.

Math:  In math we have learned how to classify objects and how to sort by size, shape and count (how many).  We have also introduced numbers to 10.  Our youngsters have been working on a variety of concepts, including, composing and decomposing numbers to 10.  We can show numbers in other ways by joining or taking apart sets of objects to make a number.  This will lead our kindergartners to become familiar with addition and subtraction.  They will understand addition as putting together and adding to, and understand subtraction as taking apart and taking from.  Our daily calendar activities are a fun part of our math curriculum as well.

Social Studies:  We have had so much fun getting to know each other as part of Unit 1of our ELA and social studies curriculums.  We have learned all about Columbus Day and fire safety. It was so interesting to learn about our Thanksgiving customs and traditions, as well as the historical facts surrounding the first Thanksgiving.  We spent some time discussing what it means to “give thanks,” and talked about the things that we were thankful for.  A special enrichment program was able to provide a hands-on experience, as the children learned about the ways Native Americans of the past, depended upon the environment for their daily survival.  In keeping with the Thanksgiving traditions, we spent some time discussing “sharing” and “caring.” With the fast approach of winter and the related festivities, we have been learning a little about the traditions that make the winter season special, without discussing any religious aspects.

Science:   In science, we have discussed what a scientist is and how to be safe during our lessons.  In our first Unit, we learned about Weather and Climate.  We learned to ask questions and make observations of the changing weather.  To continue to help your child, talk with them about weather forecasting on TV or the internet to find out the next day’s forecast.  You can support your child’s learning by reinforcing their understanding of weather- cloudy, rainy, snowy, sunny, cold, warm, and hot.   We will soon begin Unit 2 focusing on pushes and pulls, where we will be exploring how objects will be affected when a force is applied.                                                

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