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Fourth Grade

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Fourth Grade Newsletter ~ March 2018

English Language Arts – Our students are working on multiple reading skills as we continue to build reading stamina and vocabulary.  We encourage students to read a minimum of 30 minutes each evening as a part of their homework.  They should be able to identify literary elements such as character, setting and plot. 

Math – The students worked hard in the geometry unit.  They have begun the fraction unit.  In addition to naming fractions and generating equivalent fractions, our students are comparing fractions, ordering fractions and writing the fractions in simplest form.

Social Studies – The students are completing the unit on European explorers.  Then they will learn about the Dutch and English colonies in New York.

Science – Our students are preparing to embark on the simple machines unit.   Students will observe and describe six simple machines.  They will learn how to classify, collect and organize data by measuring how simple machines make work easier and help improve our lives.

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