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Fourth Grade

Mrs. Ahlstedt
Ms. Bettiol
Mrs. Bird

Ms. DiGiovanni - Aspire 4-5
Ms. Lambert

Ms. Mann - Aspire 3-5
Mrs. Melly

Ms. G. Pagano
Mrs. Piccirilli 

Fourth Grade

English Language Arts – The fourth grade students have worked hard during their unit on exploring literature settings, which includes time and place.  The students learned to apply their knowledge of setting to their written work.  The students will continue to read, and answer higher order thinking questions in their reading groups.

In addition, students are working on multiple reading skills as we continue to build reading stamina and vocabulary.  We encourage students to read a minimum of 30 minutes each evening as a part of their homework.  They should be able to identify literary elements such as character, setting and plot. 

Math – The fourth graders completed the long division unit.  They have begun the fractions unit.  In addition to naming fractions and generating equivalent fractions, our students are comparing fractions, ordering fractions, writing the fractions in simplest form and adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators.  Please encourage your student to practice their basic multiplication and division facts and always use the strategies that we are learning in class.

Science – The students have completed the “Digestion and Nutrition” unit and will begin their study of simple machines. They are learning about the main six simple machines and about friction and force. They will learn how to classify, collect and organize data by measuring how simple machines make work easier and help improve our lives.  Both of these units discuss fascinating topics that your child should enjoy.

Social Studies - The students have studied European explorers, in particular, the explorers who discovered New York State. They are currently learning about New York’s early colonial period.  Students are learning about the Dutch influence in our area and about the daily life of a colonial child.


On May 1, 2019, Lakeland will celebrate “Kindness, Caring and Citizenship Day” district-wide.  The fourth grade students will be creating a “Garden of Kindness”.  This kindness activity will be a wonderful way to welcome in spring and is designed to spread kindness, inspiration, gratitude and positive messages throughout the school. The kindness flowers will encourage a positive classroom culture and a school culture of kindness by making all students, teachers and staff feel important and valued.

Fourth Grade Projects

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