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Fourth Grade

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Fourth Grade Newsletter ~ December 2017

English Language Arts – This month in ELA the students will continue to explore and develop their reading and writing skills within literature circles.  The students will focus on narrative elements, including characterization, setting, plot, conflict, and theme.

Math – The fourth graders are exploring the relationship between multiplication and division.  They will be multiplying two digit by two digits by the end of the unit.  Please continue to practice multiplication facts at home with your student.

Science – The students have begun a new unit on digestion, nutrition, and food chains.  They will be learning about the jobs of specific organs during the digestion process.  In addition, they will be exploring food chains and food webs.

Social Studies - The students are completing their studies in the Native American unit.   Our next topic of study will focus on the European explorers who discovered New York State.

Fourth Grade Projects

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