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First Grade

Mrs. Catania
Mrs. Colagiovanni / Ms. DiPaterio -  Aspire 1-3
Mrs. Doyle
Mrs. Kolkmann - Aspire K-2
Ms. Oddo - Aspire K-2
Mrs. Peters

Ms. Rosa
Mrs. Sclavounos
Mrs. Volpicelli

First Grade 

Fundations:  We will continue to review the previously covered topics.  In the upcoming months we will work on the following spelling patterns:  learning the vowel-consonant-e rule such as bite, cake, rule, or rope, making multi-syllabic words, and practicing adding suffixes (-s, -ing, -ed) to these words.  We will be adding to our growing list of sight words, which the children are expected to know how to spell and read automatically, as these are words that cannot be sounded out.  Please remember to study the spelling patterns and sight words being sent home with your child each week.

ELA:  We will be wrapping up our non-fiction unit.  During this unit we studied the features and components that make up this genre.  Students had the opportunity to explore a variety of non-fiction texts to identify these features in their own reading.  They also explored animal habitats, where students listened to non-fiction texts and will be starting to research an animal of their choice to write their own non-fiction text.  For the remainder of the year, we will continue to explore various genres to grow as readers and writers, implementing the skills and strategies we have learned throughout the year.

Math:   We will be finishing our unit on place value of numbers up to 120 and then moving into using place value to compare numbers. During the upcoming trimester, we will also be working on two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometry, time and money. We will be rounding out the year with addition and subtraction within 100.

Social StudiesThis trimester we will be studying communities.  We will review the school community, and learn more about the people who help the school function. We will then branch out and discuss the important people and places in our local community as well as the goods and services they provide.  We will then move into our economics unit; “What do I want? What do I need? How can I get it?”  Students will review the differences between needs and wants, and will discuss saving and spending money.

Science:  We will begin our unit titled Nature at Work: Structure, Function and Biomimicry.  In this unit, we will be looking at plants and animals, their offspring, and the animal structures that we can imitate to solve human problems.

**May 1st will be our "Lakeland Day of Kindness”.   Each grade level will be doing an activity with their students during class time. Grade1will be completing our kindness activity at 1:45 p.m.  If you would like to join us, please let your child’s teacher know by April 26th so the office may finalize the visitor’s list.  

First Grade Projects and Links

In order to insure that all of our young learners have the same experiences and opportunities to be engaged with 21st century learning, we have developed a number of curriculum projects that integrate existing curriculum with technology.  These projects were developed by teachers in district and regional workshops.  

Note: The Social Studies/ELA Integrated Curriculum sites are password protected.

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