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March 2018 ~ What’s New in Fifth Grade?

We look forward to seeing you at the next school event, 5th graders playing basketball against the faculty on March 8th.  Come and join us!

In math, we are continuing our work on fractions. We are moving into our work on multiplying and dividing fractions and solving word problems that involve fractions.

In ELA, we have begun Module 3A: Sports and Athletes’ Impact on Culture.  In this unit, the students will build their background knowledge about the importance of sports within American culture.  They will use supporting details to form their own opinions on the articles provided.  

In our social studies unit, we are continuing our work on cultural diversity as it will connect to our ELA unit. Students will explore how different ethnic, national and religious groups, including native peoples, have contributed to the cultural diversity of nations and regions in the Western Hemisphere by sharing their customs, traditions, beliefs, ideas and languages. They will also explore how the migration of groups of people in the Western Hemisphere has led to cultural diffusion, as well as regional issues.

In science, we are excited to share our cell projects this month. We will begin to explore human body systems. Students will investigate how the human respiratory and circulatory systems work and interact with each other for optimum human function. Similarly, students will investigate how the human skeletal and muscular systems work to interact with each other as well.     


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