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Fifth Grade

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October 2017 ~ What’s New in Fifth Grade?

We are off to a great start in fifth grade!

In math, we have begun the year with place value concepts. They include topics such as decimal patterns, rounding decimals, adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals, multiplication of decimals and whole numbers, and prime factorization.  We will continue to focus on higher order thinking math word problems throughout the year.

In science, we have begun to discuss thinking like scientists. Students will complete a lab, use the Scientific Method and utilize problem-solving skills. 

In social studies, students will be focusing on the physical and geographical characteristics of the Western Hemisphere and how it affects where people choose to live, the way they make a living, and their everyday life.

In ELA, we have introduced the topic of Human Rights using the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  We have discussed what human rights are and focused on several of the rights in the document. This is in preparation for our novel study of Esperanza Rising, in which we will discuss human rights through literature.     

Please support us by ensuring that store bought items are purchased.  Please be reminded that monthly birthdays may not include parents and siblings.  It is important that your child completes homework and reading logs nightly.  We very much enjoyed meeting with you at “Back to School Night.”  We look forward to having a productive year in collaboration with you and your children.

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