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December 2017 ~ What’s New in Fifth Grade?

The students enjoyed our class trip to the Paramount to see Hudson Valley Shakespeare’s A Comedy of Errors.  It was an interactive, light-hearted performance exploring important topics such as envy, bullying, friendship, family and the importance of following your dreams.

During the month of December, we will focus on several concepts in math; they include dividing and multiplication of whole numbers and decimals using many different strategies.  We will also continue to focus on higher order thinking word problems throughout the year.

In Science, we will continue to learn and use the microscope.  We will discuss cell theory and view many different types of slides.  In Social Studies, we will focus on early civilizations in the Western Hemisphere. 

In ELA, we will work on the next module which focuses on text features in a non-fiction text.  The students will work on finding evidence from a text to support their oral and written responses.

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