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bucketfillerTJ PRIDE AWARDS! blue paw

Classes have the opportunity to achieve the following awards each month: 

The Golden Spoon awarded to the class that:

  • Uses indoor voices
  • Listens to their monitors.
  • Says “please,” “thank you” or “excuse me.”
  • Sits in a safe position with their feet under the table.
  • Talks to others in a friendly way.
  • Cleans up their lunch space.
The Silver Sneaker is awarded to the class that:

  • Walks to the right.
  • Respects others' personal space.
  • Admires with their eyes.
  • Says “hello,” “excuse me” and “I'm sorry” when appropriate.
  • Keeps hands and feet to themselves.
  • Looks straight ahead.
  • Walks at all times.
  • Goes directly to their destination.
  • Stays quiet so others may learn.
  • Focuses on adults in charge.

 The Ruby Recess is awarded to the class that:

  • Shares equipment and place space.
  • Treats others the way they want to be treated.
  • Uses a positive tone.
  • Always plays in a safe manner.
  • Is fair and not aggressive.
  • Plays by the rules.
  • Includes everyone.

The Sapphire Special is awarded to the class that:

  • Takes turns.
  • Raises their hands.
  • Listens to adults and classmates.
  • Is kind and considerate of others.
  • Signs out or asks permission to leave.
  • Does their best work.
  • Has an “I can" attitude.
  • Stays on task at all times.
  • Focuses on work and participates.

Individual students have the opportunity to achieve
Platinum Citizen!

This award is achieved by a student who has earned a certain amount of Paws each month by displaying
TJ PRIDE time and
time again. This student is the one that has shown that they can:

  • Be a problem solver.
  • A respectful and responsible citizen.
  • In control and safe at all times.
  • Determined and engaged in learning.