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Officers and Meetings

Co-Presidents - Gina DiLaura and Nicole Friedman

Treasurer - Ruth Schlosberg
Corresponding Secretary - Andrea Fiori
Recording Secretary - Steve Schaefer

To join a committee and/or volunteer, please contact us at

TJ PTA Website
Here is your invite: email your name, email address, child(ren) name(s) and current grade to

Access to up to date information:

  • Activity Nights Section
  • After School Activities Information
  • Calendar
  • School Day Programming Information
  • Volunteer Sign-Ups

Can't make the PTA Meetings? No problem!

We have created a special Shutterfly website. This is a safe, secure and easy interactive way to stay informed. Want to know about After School Activities? Our site has the information. Want to sign up to be a volunteer at our next event? You can do that too! To be invited to the NEW TJ PTA website, please email us at with your name, email address, child(ren) name(s) and current grade.