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Tiffany Dyckman, K-12 Art Co-Coordinator
Katherine O'Connor
, Art teacher & K-12 Art Co-Coordinator - Teacher Website

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Library Media Center
Marcy Davidson,Library Media Specialist
Phone: (914) 245-4802 ext 207   Fax: (914) 245 - 0511

Students visit the library once a week for instruction and book selection. Our library collection supports the curriculum and enriches literature appreciation. The mission of the library media program is for students to learn how to access and use information efficiently and effectively and to promote lifelong learning.
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Richard Russo, Music Coordinator
Jamie Stroffolino, Music Coordinator
Charles Rhyner, Music - Teacher Website
Debra Dashnaw, Band -  Teacher Website
Kelsey Williams, Orchestra - Teacher Website

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Physical Education
Michael Meadows and Michael Anderson  - Physical Education Teachers

TJ City 
Welcome to TJ City, where our gymnasium is magically transformed into a mini city! Students earn play money by driving their muscle-powered scooters around the highway. Then they can spend their hard-earned money at several sites throughout the city. Some of the student operated businesses include: Batting Cage, Bowling Alley, Air Hockey, Hoop Shoot, Football Toss, Nok Hockey, Scooter Hockey, Dancing, Foozball, Race Track and Rock Climbing. Our city is governed and operated by student workers, including bankers, car washers, police officers and limo drivers. During this unit, students learn about Citizenship, Trust, Respect, Patience and many other concepts important to everyday life in real cities. This unit ties in well with Thomas Jefferson's Character Education.

Push-Up Club
In Physical Education, we are constantly challenging TJ students to improve their fitness levels. One way of motivating students to improve upper body strength and endurance is through the Push-Up Club. Children in grades 1-5 are challenged to do as many correct push-ups as possible. Anyone who does between 15 and 24 push-ups is admitted into the Bronze Club. 25-34 is good enough to enter the Silver Club, and anyone who can do between 35 and 49 is in the Gold Club. For those extremely high achievers, we have a Hercules Club for 50 or more push-ups! So far, over 250 students have joined the Push-Up Club!