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Social Studies Unit 1 Links

Lesson 1: Where in the World Web Quest

Use Student Answer Sheet at bottom of the page to record your answers.

Using this following website, look at the map of North America and answer the questions.

1. Name the mountain range that extends from the United States of America and into Canada.

2. What is the gulf that is located between Mexico and the United States?

3. What two oceans border the eastern and western shores of North America?

4. What is the mountain range that is located along the east coast of the United States?

Using this following website, answer the following questions.

5. Name the mountain range that is located along the western coast of South America.

6. Name the longest river in the South America.

7. Click on the country map of Brazil at the bottom of the map of South America. Name two geographic features shown on the map of Brazil.

8. Name one of the archipelagos off the coast of South America. (An archipelago is a group of islands surrounded by a large body of water.)

Using this website about Mexico, answer the following questions.

9. What is the climate of Mexico?

10. How many kilometers of coastline does Mexico have?

11. What natural resources are found in Mexico?

Using this website about Canada, answer the following questions.

12. What is the climate of Canada?

13. Canada is the second largest country in the World. What is the largest country in the world?

14. What are the natural resources found in Canada?

Look at this map of Central America:

15. What is the name of the sea that borders both Central and South America?

16. Locate a man-made feature in Panama? What is this called?  How do you think it impacts trade in the Western Hemisphere?

Critical Thinking Skills
Challenge yourself to discover the effects of geography on countries!

17. How does the climate of Mexico differ from that of Canada?

18. How does the climate of a country impact upon the way people live?

19. Many bodies of water (oceans, gulfs, lakes, rivers and seas) are shared by several countries in North, Central and South America. How does this impact transportation between countries?

20. How might sharing a body of water impact on the way countries get along and depend upon each other?

21. What do you think might happen if one country pollutes a body of water that it shares with another country?

Student Worksheet