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Friday, May 26, 2017


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Policy Series - Table of Contents
Series 1000 - Community Relations print series
Dissemination of Public Information 1100
News Media Relations 1112
Public Participation at Board of Education Meetings 1120
Recording of Meetings 1121
Civility and Decorum 1150
Relationship with School-Related Organizations 1210
Citizens’ Advisory Committees 1220
Volunteers 1222
Interpreters for Hearing-Impaired Parents 1230
Visitors to the Schools 1240
Complaints Concerning School Personnel, Student Issues and School Matter 1310
Complaints about Instructional Materials 1311
Gifts to School Personnel 1313
Gifts to Schools 1313.1
Tobacco Prohibition 1315
Public Use of School District Facilities 1330
Vehicles on School Grounds 1330.1
Authorized Use of District-Owned Materials and Equipment 1331
Admission Fees to Athletic Events 1332
Fund Raising and Public Sales on School Property 1333
Display of Materials and Signs 1334
Care of School Property 1335
Access to Records 1340
Distribution of Materials Through Students, Instructional or Administrative Staff 1341
Student Photographs/Digital Images on Web Sites 1344
School District Website 1345
Paroled Sex Offenders 1400
Relationship Between the School District and the Community 1600
Memorials 1700
Series 2000 - Administration print series
Line of Authority 2110
Code of Ethics 2510
Series 3000 - Business and Non-Instructional print series
Fiscal Management Goals 3100
Fiscal Accounting and Reporting 3101
Budget Process 3110
Budget Adoption 3120
Budget Transfer 3130
State Funds/Federal Funds 3220
State Funds/Federal Funds 3230
Tuition - Fees 3240
Disposal of District Property 3260
Investment Policy 3292
Purchasing Authority 3320
Purchasing Procedures 3323
Food Purchases for District Meetings and Functions 3324
Expense Reimbursement 3325
District-owned Credit Cards and Store Purchase Cards 3326
District-Owned Cellular Telephones 3340
Inventories/Capitalization Policy 3440
Monies in School Buildings 3450
Retention and Disposition of Records 3460
Fund Balance (Fund Balance and Reserve Funds) 3470
Energy and Resource Conservation 3512
Vehicle Idling 3515
Transportation Program 3540
Transportation Routes and Services 3541
National School Lunch Program 3542.5
Use of Automated External Defibrillators 3543
Use of Epinephrine Auto-Injector Devices 3544
Video Surveillance 3545
Wellness 3546
Use of School District Vehicles 3550
Fraud 3551
Breach of Information Security 3552
Authorized Use of District-Owned Materials and Equipment 3553
Electronic Signatures and Records 3554
Audit Committee 3630
Claims Auditor 3640
Independent (External) Audit 3650
Internal Audit Functions 3660
Series 4000 - Personnel print series
Equal Opportunity/Nondiscrimination 4110
Appointment 4112
Background Checks of New Hires 4112.1
School Safety 4113
Health Examination 4114.1
Health - HIV-Related Illness 4114.2
Drug/Alcohol Policy 4115
Alcohol and Drug Testing of Employees in Safety-sensitive Positions 4115.1
Drug Sniffing Dogs 4115.2
Tobacco Prohibition 4116
Title IX/Title VII/Section 504/Title II ADA 4116.11
Training of Committee on Special Education and the Committee on Pre-School Special Education 4116.4
Confidentiality and Access to IEP * 4117
Private Practice and Tutorial Work 4118
Anti-Nepotism 4119
Sexual Harassment of Employees 4120
Teacher-Student Communications 4122
Staff Participation in Political Activities 4130
Professional Growth 4131
“Partner in Education” Recognition Program 4131.2
Tax Exempt Annuities 4146.1
Deferred Payment 4148
Offer to Health Insurance 4150
Attendance Policy for Staff 4151
Child Care/Adoptive Leave 4152.3
Family and Medical Leave 4153
Military Leave 4154
Use of Electronic Devices 4155
Computer and Internet Use, Internet Safety 4156
Provision of a Free Appropriate Public Education to Students Pursuant to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 4167
Separation 4219
Child Abuse in a Domestic Setting 4220
Child Abuse in an Educational Setting 4221
Whistleblower Protection 4225
Record Conversations and Meetings 4230
Confidentiality of Information Regarding Students and their Families 4235
Parental Rights to Annual Professional Performance Review Composite Scores and Quality Ratings under Education Law Section 3012-c 4240
Non-Represented Employees 4250
Series 5000 - Students print series
Equal Opportunity/Nondiscrimination 5110
Compulsory Ages of Attendance 5112
School Attendance Areas 5117
Non-Residents 5118
Comprehensive Student Attendance Policy 5119
Education of Homeless Children 5120
Pre-School Special Education 5121
Student Placement and Evaluation 5122
Student Grading 5123
Promotion of Students 5124
Student Records - Confidentiality and Parental Access to Student Records 5125.2
Student Privacy Rights 5126
High School Diploma - Individualized Education Program 5127
State and Local Assessments 5128
Closed Campus at High Schools 5130
Interscholastic Athletic Handbook for Athletes and Parents 5131
Vandalism 5131.5
Drug/Alcohol Policy 5131.6
Tobacco Prohibition 5131.7
Interscholastic Athletic Program/Co-Curricular Activities 5131.8
Middle School Student Athlete Participation in Interscholastic Athletic Program 5132
Alternative Physical Education Options 5132.1
Services to Students Not Enrolled in the School District 5133
Cross- School Participation on Athletic Teams 5133.1
Fund Raising and Public Sales on School Property 5134
Management of Student Extra-Classroom Activity Funds 5135
Student Activity Fees 5135.1
Student Publications and Expression 5136
Use of Electronic Devices 5137
Student Driving and Parking 5138
Health -- HIV-Related Illness 5141.2
Student Health Services 5141.3
Use of Potassium Iodide 5141.5
Life Threatening Allergies 5141.6
Concussion Management Policy 5141.7
Eye Safety 5142.2
Head Lice (Pediculosis) 5143
Disciplinary Records 5144
Corporal Punishment and Emergency Interventions 5144.1
Code of School Conduct and Discipline 5144.2
Dangerous Weapons Policy 5144.3
Zero Tolerance for Violence 5144.4
Drug-Sniffing Dogs 5144.5
Use of Time Out Rooms 5144.8
Title IX/Title VII/Section 504/Title II ADA 5145
Student Searches and Interrogations 5145.1
Child Abuse in a Domestic Setting 5146
Child Abuse in an Educational Setting 5147
Sexual Harassement and Grievance Procedures for Students 5148
Bias Harassment of Students 5149
Provision of a Free Appropriate Public Education to Students Pursuant to Section 504 5150
Dignity for All Students 5151
Series 6000 - Instruction print series
School Calendar 6111
Ceremonies and Observances 6115
Cultural Diversity and Religion in the Schools 6116
Display of the Flag 6117
Objectives of the Instructional Program 6120
Equity in the Provision of Support for the Curricular, Co-Curricular and Interscholastic Athletic Program 6120.1
Continuum of Services for Special Education 6120.2
Allocation of Space for Special Education Programs and Services 6123
Resource Materials 6140
Alternative Formats for Instructional Materials 6141
Animal Dissection 6142
Controversial Issues 6144
Prohibition of Discrimination against Individuals with Disabilities 6145
Academic Recognition 6148
Dropping and Adding Courses 6149
Field Trips 6153
Computer and Internet Use and, Internet Safety 6154
Award of Course Credit Without Seat Time 6155
Impartial Hearing Officer Selection, Appointment and Compensation 6161
Referral to Committee on Special Education 6162
Independent Educational Evaluations 6163
Limited English Proficiency 6167
Title I Parent Involvement 6168
Declassification of Students with Disabilities 6169
School-Wide Pre-Referral Approaches and Interventions 6170
Home Instruction 6173
Series 8000 - Internal Board Policies print series
Purpose and Role of the Board of Education 8110
Board of Education 8120
Contagious Diseases 8123.1
School Board Elections 8130
Vacancy on Board of Education 8131
School District Elections and Votes 8135
School Elections and Voting: Facilities Utilization 8136
Submission of Propositions 8137
Board Member Authority 8140
Board Member Communications 8142
School Board Member Attendance at Conferences, Conventions, Workshops, Meetings, Events, and Activities 8143
Election of Board of Education Officers/Administration of Oath 8210
Code of Ethics 8251
Whistleblower Protection 8255
Annual Organizational Meeting 8300
Communication with Administration 8301
District Clerk 8310
Treasurer 8311
School Attorney 8312
Chief Medical Officer 8313
Tax Collector 8314
Internal Claims Auditor 8315
Independent Auditor 8316
Board Committees 8400
Board of Education Meetings 8500
Executive Sessions 8505
Formulation, Adoption and Amendment of Policies and Bylaws 8600
Membership in Educational Associations 8700