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Friday, May 26, 2017


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Policy Series
Series 5000 - Students print series
Elementary & Secondary Attendance
5110 Equal Opportunity/Nondiscrimination print
5112 Compulsory Ages of Attendance print
5117 School Attendance Areas print
5118 Non-Residents print
5119 Comprehensive Student Attendance Policy print
5120 Education of Homeless Children print
5121 Pre-School Special Education print
5122 Student Placement and Evaluation print
5123 Student Grading print
5124 Promotion of Students print
5125.2 Student Records - Confidentiality and Parental Access to Student Records print
5126 Student Privacy Rights print
5127 High School Diploma - Individualized Education Program print
5128 State and Local Assessments print
5130 Closed Campus at High Schools print
5131 Interscholastic Athletic Handbook for Athletes and Parents print
5131.8 Interscholastic Athletic Program/Co-Curricular Activities print
5131.5 Vandalism print
5131.6 Drug/Alcohol Policy print
5131.7 Tobacco Prohibition print
5132 Middle School Student Athlete Participation in Interscholastic Athletic Program print
5132.1 Alternative Physical Education Options print
5133 Services to Students Not Enrolled in the School District print
5133.1 Cross- School Participation on Athletic Teams print
5134 Fund Raising and Public Sales on School Property print
5135 Management of Student Extra-Classroom Activity Funds print
5135.1 Student Activity Fees print
5136 Student Publications and Expression print
5137 Use of Electronic Devices print
5138 Student Driving and Parking print
5141.2 Health -- HIV-Related Illness print
5141.3 Student Health Services print
5141.5 Use of Potassium Iodide print
5141.6 Life Threatening Allergies print
5141.7 Concussion Management Policy print
5142.2 Eye Safety print
5143 Head Lice (Pediculosis) print
5144 Disciplinary Records print
5144.1 Corporal Punishment and Emergency Interventions print
5144.2 Code of School Conduct and Discipline print
5144.3 Dangerous Weapons Policy print
5144.4 Zero Tolerance for Violence print
5144.5 Drug-Sniffing Dogs print
5144.8 Use of Time Out Rooms print
5145 Title IX/Title VII/Section 504/Title II ADA print
5145.1 Student Searches and Interrogations print
5146 Child Abuse in a Domestic Setting print
5147 Child Abuse in an Educational Setting print
5148 Sexual Harassement and Grievance Procedures for Students print
5149 Bias Harassment of Students print
5150 Provision of a Free Appropriate Public Education to Students Pursuant to Section 504 print
5151 Dignity for All Students print

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