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March 20, 2019
Letter Days
Thursday, March 21 is a C day.
Friday, March 22 is a D day.
Monday, 25 is an E day.
Tuesday, March 26  is an A day.
Wednesday, March 27 is a B day.
Thursday, March 28 is a C day.
Friday, March 29 is a D day.

Upcoming Events:
March 18-22
School Safety Week
   March 18 "Safety Talk" during lunch periods.
   March 19 "Safety in Numbers" Wear school colors.
   March 20 "Safety Color Day" Wear bright/neon colors 
    or safety colors (red, orange, yellow, green).
   March 21 "Safe and Healthy Eating Day" Bring a healthy
   March 22 "Safe and Healthy Bodies Day" Bring a healthy
   snack and weary gym clothes.
March 20, 2019 UPK and Grades K-2 Open House 6:30 PM
March 21, 2019 Board of Education Business Meeting
March 26, 2019  Incoming Kindergarten Parent Orientation 7:00 PM (Adults only)
March 27, 2019 Grades 3-5 Open House 6:30 PM
March 28, 2019 Everybody is a Reader Day

The Board of Education will hold its regular business meeting on Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. in the Van Cortlandtville Elementary School, 3100 East Main Street, Mohegan Lake. The meeting is open to the public and there are two opportunities for public comment.

Alumni in Action logo

Everybody has a story, and we want to hear yours. Not only do we want to hear it, but we also want to share it with your fellow alumni, students, and the Lakeland community.

We hope to build a connection with all our alums – from youngest to oldest. Fostering a relationship among our alumni and our current families is important to Lakeland.
We want everyone to know what our alumni have been up to since leaving high school.  You can also share the story of a fellow alumnus who may not want to brag. Let’s share the stories of our Lakeland Central School District alumnus. Please go to  to share your story and visit our Alumni in Action web page at

Lakealnd Girls in Sports Day logo

The third  Lakeland Central School District Girls in Sports Day will be held on Sunday, April 28 from 1:00-4:30 pm at the Lakeland High School. Lakeland students in Grades 1-5 are invited to join district coaches and female athletes as they share their love of sports.  Registration form
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Follow the Lakeland Central School District Art Department on Instagram @lcsdarts to view our talented students work. Each school is represented and has its hashtag: #lhsarts19, #wphsarts19,#lcbmsarts19, 
#bfesarts19, #gwesarts19, #ltesarts19, #tjesarts19
and #vcesarts19.
Lakeland Copper Beech Middle School will hold its 5th Annual Hair-A-Thon Monday, May 6 at Hair Liberation, 3681 Hill Blvd., Jefferson Valley from 4 PM to 8 PM. Start growing your hair now.  (read more)